Neets EasyConnect - Complete AV Connectivity and Control for Your Tabletop.

All necessary connections are readily accessible, right on the tabletop or lectern, inside this durable metal enclosure.

Neets EasyConnect solves one of the most common and frustrating problems encountered in AV presentations: When a guest presenter wants to connect a laptop computer, all too often the proper cables cannot be found, or they are too short, or the connection point is hidden away in a floor pocket or wall panel. Neets EasyConnect is the obvious solution.

All necessary connections are readily accessible, right on the tabletop or lectern, inside this durable metal enclosure. The standard version accommodates all five typical connections for laptop computers and most tablet-type mobile devices. A sixth cable (optional) can be included to accommodate, for example, a DVI connector, an XLR microphone, ┬╝" audio jack or RCA jack for composite video.

The integrated AC power receptacle eliminates the need to find extension cords for connecting to distant wall outlets. Cables are terminated at both ends for easy disconnection and re-connection, allowing use in lecterns that occasionally must be relocated or removed for storage.

The EasyConnect system is sold as a package - either as EasyConnect - EcHo or as EasyConnect - SieRRa integration of a Neets AV system control module. With integrated control, starting a presentation is quick and frustration-free. Simply plug in the required cables, press the corresponding control buttons, and your presentation is underway in a matter of seconds!

Michael Jarl Christensen, Head of Sales & Marketing says: "Most presenters recognize these frustrations only too well. With EasyConnect we eliminate cable-mess on the floor and provide easy and direct access to AV connections." Christensen continues: "At the same time, we make the room control directly accessible from the presentation position using either a Neets Control - EcHo or a Neets Control - SieRRa. It's all about making life easier for the presenter and thereby increasing meeting and presentation quality."

Neets EasyConnect will be available from January 7th 2013.

Neets A/S:
Neets was founded in 1999 by Tue S. Andersen with the objective of making life easier for users of AV equipment in meetings, conferences and teaching situations.

Neets is a privately held Danish company based in Horsens, just south of Aarhus. Thanks to more than a decade of continuous development and innovation, Neets has grown rapidly and is now the market leader in Scandinavia for intuitive AV control systems. In recent years, Neets has become a key player internationally as well.

At Neets, our staff is committed to the development of intuitive AV control systems for conference venues and educational facilities. We believe in making life easier for our users through innovation and a high level of customer support.

Our goal is to provide our users with simple, flexible and cost-effective AV control through professional integration of AV equipment in any room.

Neets' unique technology enables control all AV devices in a room with a single intuitive interface. With the press of a single button, the user can control, for example, a projector, PC, interactive board, video

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