C2G Announces the TruLink® Media Gateway-a Powerful, A/V Connectivity Panel

Simplifying A/V connectivity through an innovative, single interface.

Teleford UK November 20, 2012

C2G (http://www.c2g.com), the preferred provider of high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, announces the availability of the TruLink Media Gateway, a versatile, A/V signal auto-switch that enables users to easily connect a wide array of electronic devices. It provides hassle-free connectivity for laptops, iPod®/iPad®/iPhone® devices, digital/video cameras, Blu-ray™ or DVD players, and game consoles to HDTVs or projectors. The automatic switching capability provides ease of use, while the USB port adds a convenient way to charge portable electronics. Additionally, the TruLink Media Gateway simplifies connectivity in an environment where multiple users are sharing content such as presentations, video, audio, and other documents. The flexibility of this active connectivity panel makes it the perfect solution for multiple applications in the corporate, education, and healthcare environments.

The "Analogue Sunset/Digital Sunrise", the A/V industry's current initiative of eliminating analogue signals from devices, is expected to be completed in 2014. With the eminent shift from analogue to digital, it is important to have a solution which can support the analogue to digital migration path with the ability to convert the signal automatically. The TruLink Media Gateway is a single interface, making it ideal for environments where analogue equipment will eventually be upgraded to digital including laptops, iPod®/iPad®/iPhone® devices, digital/video cameras, and Blu-ray™ or DVD players.

"The TruLink Media Gateway is the perfect solution for meeting customers' requirements for today's A/V applications where content is delivered from multiple sources to a single display such as a projector, monitor, or HDTV. As equipment transitions from analogue to digital inputs/outputs, this line provides a convenient upgrade path to plan for changes being brought about by the Analogue Sunset/Digital Sunrise," said Jamie Pratt, managing director C2G EMEA.

The TruLink Media Gateway connectivity panels are able to automatically upscale 480i (NTSC) and 576i (PAL) composite video and video signals from iPod®/ iPad®/iPhone® devices up to 1920 x 1080p, and display native HDMI® digital video signals up to 1920 x 1080p. They also support resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 through the HD15 (VGA) input. Designed for easy maintenance and support, firmware updates can be deployed manually via the front USB port or automatically through the rear Ethernet port via an FTP server-potentially saving time and hundreds of hours in labour.

It is simple to install, as all A/V input signals are output through a single HDMI cable to the HDTV or projector. For installations that require the TruLink Media Gateway to be placed at a distance from the HDTV or projector, easily integrate an HDMI extension solution such as the HDMI Active Optical Cable or HDMI over Cat5 products. Specialised accessories such as a 90° HDMI cable with a locking screw or the TruLink EZ Key open the full potential of the TruLink Media Gateway. Standard accessories include the cables necessary for connecting devices to the A/V inputs on the front of the TruLink Media Gateway.

Additionally, the TruLink Media Gateway supports automatic switching, which allows the last connected device to be displayed on the HDTV or projector. Manual switching is supported through the rear RJ25 serial RS232 port. A variety of mounting options are now available for the TruLink Media Gateway-allowing greater installation flexibility for multiple applications in the corporate, education, and healthcare environments.

Telford-based C2G launched its UK operations in May 2009 at Channel Expo. Working through value-added distribution partner, C2000, TDMaverick, and Enta Technologies, C2G has quickly established a strong and extensive community of networking and audio-visual specialist partners in the UK.

Due to Apple® using the Lightning connector on the iPhone 5 instead of the 30-pin dock connector, the iPhone 5 is compatible with the TruLink Media Gateway for charging only. To charge the iPhone 5 it must be connected to the USB port on the TruLink Media Gateway using an Apple Lightning to USB cable. The cable used to connect Apple devices to the Media Gateway for audio and video requires that the Apple device use a 30-pin dock connector. C2G will continue to monitor the development process of the iPhone 5 for changes that may make that product fully compatible with the TruLink Media Gateway.

About C2G
C2G is a division of Lastar Ltd., a leader in computer, datacom, and audio/video connectivity solutions since 1984. The company delivers connectivity products renowned for quality, value, and innovation. C2G uses premium components and the latest technologies to maximise cable performance and ensure compliance with industry specifications for each product and its designated application. For more information regarding C2G, visit http://www.c2g.com.

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