Virtual Teleportation™ for the most positive customer experience.

Transmit to appear three dimensionally in the room with your customer. Life-sized. Live. With eye contact.-----Virtual Teleportation™ is changing the way B2C organizations interact with their customers. Allow very high quality personal interaction while improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing sales.

Brussels, Belgium (November 15, 2012) Today, Teleportel announced AVICCS™ : a cloud-based video-as-a-service system; designed for very high-quality B2C interaction over distance.

AVICCS™ (Audio and Video In the Cloud Contact System) enables B2C organizations to expand their scope to include interactive, very high quality 3D video communications with their customers. Compelling benefits include : optimal use of back office staff, low cost of ownership, acceptance by the customers and limited space requirements. This results in immediate and lasting cost savings, boosted productivity, improved customer service and higher sales.

As Luc Engels, Director of Manpower puts it : 'Teleportel has been instrumental in shaping our thinking processes of how to come to a complete marketable HR solution. The Virtual Teleportation™ solutions are innovative and reliable, which is perfectly compatible with the values of Manpower. Thanks to this unique technology, we are capable of realizing our business objectives.'

This integrated solution encompasses two components : state-of-the-art software and patented Virtual Teleportation™' This combination is unique in the world and is unprecedented.

The 'Virtual Teleportation™' hardware allows, what is probably, the most advanced way to communicate over distance. The remote service agent appears three dimensionally in the room, life-sized, with aligned eye-contact. The latter is key in B2C interaction. No visible screen nor camera. The agent seems to be standing physically behind the counter. In fact, many users do not realize that the agent is in a remote location. This is as good as being there and is not comparable to video conferencing or telepresence. This is a human-centric solution, as opposed to a technology-centric system.

The AVICCS ™ Software features include : high quality video communication, intelligent routing, media player, digital content, data collaboration, integration with auxiliary equipment, recording, remote troubleshooting, flexible reporting, etc. The 'cloud' server manages the whole process. The system administrator has access from anywhere in the world; using the browser. The peer-to-peer Internet communication between the agent and customer is secured. AVICCS™ can be connected to legacy audio call center systems and can seamlessly be integrated with auxiliary equipment.

The B2C customers have the choice between viewing pre-recorded answers to F.A.Q. appearing in a three dimensional setting and/or establishing instant, very high quality 3D video communication with a live agent. These agents can be in one single location or they can all be in different places, anywhere in the world. The number of agents and customer service points is virtually unlimited and is easily scalable.

The system is very effective for distant B2C communication where high quality interaction is required. Service and sales applications include : unattended 'remote' offices such as Police precincts, government service counters, retail banking, telemedicine, tele-pharmacy, recruitment, shop-in-the-shop, etc. Virtual Teleportation™ is also successfully deployed for unattended Front-Desk reception desks, Hospitality Counters, Ticketing and Information Kiosks.

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