Panamorph® Partners with Projector Manufacturers to Enhance Ultra Widescreen Home Cinema

Panamorph® is leading the revolution in ultra widescreen home cinema with their recent announcement of the new CineVista™ lens and their partnership with Epson, JVC and Sony in the adoption of the new Electronic Color Correction (ECC) projector technology. The new ECC technology allows Panamorph to overcome the limitations of previous low cost lens systems and deliver a high performance, 2.35:1 ultra widescreen experience to a whole new category of consumers.

Colorado Springs, CO November 13, 2012

Panamorph® Inc., the most recognized and endorsed anamorphic lens brand in the digital projection and home theater industry, announces its partnership with projector manufacturers to bring high performance ultra widescreen, 2.35:1 projection to a whole new category of consumers - those desiring the ultimate home cinema experience at an affordable price. To accomplish this, Panamorph has released the new sub $1500 CineVista™ lens system and is working with their projector partners to incorporate new technology that creates incredible, high fidelity widescreen images without the distracting black letterbox bars seen on typical flat panel TVs. In fact, a high definition projector paired with a Panamorph CineVista lens will create widescreen images literally 80% larger than a flat panel of the same height.

In the past, one of the problems with low cost anamorphic lens solutions was color "fringing" that increased toward the edges of the picture and diminished image sharpness, known as lateral chromatic aberration. To correct this irregularity in the image, Panamorph is leading the way with their partners in the home theater projection industry to adopt the new electronic color correction (ECC) projector technology, which Panamorph has patented to work with their anamorphic lenses. This new technology allows Panamorph to overcome the limitations of previous low cost lens systems and deliver a high performance, 2.35:1 ultra widescreen experience to a whole new category of consumers. While most consumers may never notice this subtle color fringing which is typically only a few pixels wide at the extreme edges and difficult to see with normal picture content, Panamorph has always believed in delivering top quality performance to their customers.

While the CineVista lens will deliver an incredibly immersive, ultra widescreen image when paired with almost any home theater projector currently on the market, the CineVista lens can achieve maximum performance when paired with a projector equipped with the new ECC technology. This new technology is already available in certain projector models from Epson, Sony, and JVC with more on the way. Panamorph is working hard to make sure that this technology is available in the next generation of projectors from all manufacturers who recognize the unique advantage front projection has over flat panels for delivering a true ultra widescreen experience in the home.

"Our new CineVista lens represents an incredible value," commented Russell Warnhoff, Panamorph's Director of Sales. "We deliver the true cinematic experience by eliminating the annoying black bars on the top and bottom of our favorite movies, yet still fit a tight budget. Now that our projector manufacturer partners are getting behind the launch of the CineVista by incorporating technology that allows even the most critical viewer to optimize the performance of their new system, Panamorph is in a unique position to bring high performance widescreen home cinema to a whole new segment of the home theater market. The CineVista™ is a real 'game changer' in the home theater world, delivering an immersive 2.35:1 ultra widescreen image that easily surpasses that of any 16:9 flat panel on the market."

Delivering images much larger and more immersive than those created by today's flat panel displays, the CineVista horizontal expansion lens is capable of delivering an ultra-wide cinematic experience when combined with a compatible 16:9 projector and 2.35:1 screen. Since over 70% of major motion pictures have been released in the ultra wide 2.35:1 format, the CineVista allows home theater enthusiasts to finally ditch those annoying black letterbox bars and immerse themselves in an 80% larger* picture - just like the director intended. For more information on the CineVista, and to learn which projectors contain the new ECC picture optimizing technology, visit

Pre-orders for the CineVista lens system can be placed from the Panamorph website:

*80% larger than widescreen movies shown on a conventional 16:9 screen of the same height

About Panamorph:

Founded in 2001, Panamorph® has become the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand in the digital projection and home theater industry. Our history began when home cinema purists demanded high performance lens systems that could duplicate the film industry's dramatic imaging process to deliver the true widescreen impact and performance of commercial cinemas. Applying thirty years of experience in high-end optical design and manufacturing, our patented hybrid cylindrical/prism lenses surpass the limitations of older cylindrical optics, launching the new elite standard of digital projection that you have to see to believe.

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