Control4 to Participate in 2020 Alton Green Home Project

Control4 signs on to support Florida Green Home Design Group in quest for developing "The Greenest Home in America"

Salt Lake City, UT - November 14, 2012 - Control4, a leading innovator in residential and light commercial automation systems, announced today their sponsorship of 2020 Alton Rd., the latest green home project led by Florida Green Home Design Group, LLC (FGHDG). The 3,200 square foot, single family development is currently tracking well above the required point threshold as it actively pursues a Platinum LEED rating.

Under construction in Miami, Florida, the 2020 Alton home is the result of a joint effort between architect Ari Sklar, developer Matt Lahn, and general contractor Robert Arkin and will be the first new construction in South Florida to achieve this level of LEED certification. From environmentally conscious designs and construction to cost-effective green features such as energy efficient lighting and home automation, 2020 Alton is poised to become quite possibly "The Greenest Home in America", if not the world.

Helping 2020 Alton reach this level of energy efficiency is the use of photovoltaic solar panels, vertical axis wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling as well the most advanced insulation, lighting, energy management, landscaping and green building technologies. With so many moving pieces to account for, a Control4® smart home solution will act as the brain that monitors and controls all of 2020 Alton's eco-friendly systems. Control4 is working with local integrator, Edwin Melendez of MultiMedia Innovations (MMI), to design a unique suite of automated solutions that fits the distinct monitoring and management needs of the home.

"Control4 is excited to collaborate with Florida Green Home Design Group and their partners; we view this as an exceptional opportunity to highlight how our solutions can create effortless control with environmental consciousness," said Jim Arnold, Senior VP of Sales at Control4. "Integration of Control4 products, in this one-of-a-kind green home, opens your eyes to what is possible when you combine high tech with a positive environmental impact. We are proud to support FGHDG on this exciting project."

Through the programming and installation of a customized Control4 system, 2020 Alton has the ability to deliver whole-home communications, enabling the management, monitoring and control of various aspects critical to the home's functionality, via dedicated user interfaces and smart devices, such as an iPad.

"The system really is all-encompassing, delivering the best in connected, smart home technology alongside the high-tech energy management capabilities necessary to the property's continued sustainability," said Melendez. "In my 25 years as a system integrator, I am seeing technology evolving faster than ever; and working on a potential Platinum LEED project is a proof point to that, as well as a unique opportunity to integrate the greenest technologies available today with Control4."

With a simple press of a button, the homeowner can activate the large drop down projection screen, allowing TV viewing from the pool, while also cuing up their favorite playlist, dimming the lights and managing the integrated pool pumps, all before their finger leaves the touchscreen. It is the Control4 software that helps blend luxury, convenience, and a green lifestyle by combining convenient technologies - such as one-touch control over lighting, audio and video - with an energy management system, helping the home maintain a connected lifestyle while conserving energy.

Additionally, to enhance the sustainability of the property, FGHDG is working with Two Trails green consultant, Drew Smith, whose guidance has helped 2020 Alton develop into a "NET ZERO" home, signifying that its systems alone produce enough power to run the home without taking energy from the grid. In fact, the meter will spin backward and the homeowner will supply the grid with surplus power, resulting in received credits on each monthly bill.

Pursuing a LEED certification is no easy task, achieving the necessary qualifications and approval can be rigorous. LEED certification is available for all building types, including new construction and major renovations, and is a point based system where building projects earn LEED points for satisfying specific green building criteria. Within each of the seven LEED credit categories, projects must satisfy particular prerequisites and earn points. There are 100 base points, 6 possible Innovation in Design and 4 Regional Priority points - 2020 Alton is currently on target for a Platinum LEED rating, which requires 80 points or more.

Whether it's the expected savings or environmental impact, many homeowners are showing interest in earth-friendly, uncomplicated and healthy homes. With the development of 2020 Alton, the project gives homeowners an opportunity to see what leading a sustainable lifestyle really means by showcasing innovative green building practices, eco-friendly materials and tech-savvy home automation. With the ability to effortlessly control and monitor lights, temperature, shading and more, a greener, smarter home has never been more attainable.

2020 Alton's final LEED standing will be verified upon completion this fall. To learn more about 2020 Alton visit

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About 2020 Alton

Currently under construction in Miami Beach, FL, 2020 Alton is pursuing a LEED Platinum rating, which would make the property the first home in South Florida to achieve this status. The project's conception is a joint effort between architect Ari Sklar, developer Matt Lahn, and general contractor Robert Arkin. Featuring photovoltaic solar panels, vertical axis wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling as well as the most advanced insulation, lighting, energy management, landscaping and green building technologies, 2020 Alton showcases some of the most innovative green building practices and eco-friendly materials.For more information visit

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