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Atlona has a strong portfolio of products designed to support the government with A/V connectivity in mission-critical installations.

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"Atlona has a strong portfolio of products designed to support the government with A/V connectivity in mission-critical installations. At GovComm 2012, visitors to our booth will experience a wide range of advanced digital connectivity products, including matrix switchers and splitters with HDBaseT technology, HDMI extenders, plenum HDMI cables, audio amplifiers, and much more," said Mike Grubb, senior sales manager, the Americas, Atlona. "In addition to the booth products lineup, Atlona will also be taking its solutions off the show floor with a manufacturer's training session: Extending, Splitting, and Connecting in the Digital Age."

Atlona(R) Products on Display at GovComm 2012:

High-Speed HDMI(R) 4x4 Matrix Switcher Over Cat 5e/6/7
The Atlona(R) AT-PRO3HD44M 4x4 HDMI(R) matrix switcher extends HDMI from sources up to 230 feet over Cat 6a cables at 1080p and 1920x1200, or 197 feet with Cat 5e/6 cables. The unit allows for effortless control of up to eight devices through IR remote control, RS-232, third-party IR control boxes, and the front panel.

The AT-PRO3HD44M has built-in digital audio S/PDIF loop-outs that allow audio distribution to distant end devices such as amplifiers. S/PDIF output supports PCM two-channel, Dolby(R) 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1 digital audio formats. To ensure that all audio passes through, the 4x4 matrix switcher supports all lossy and lossless formats up to Dolby True HD -- including DTS HD Master Audio pass-through for HDMI outputs.

Programmable EDID memory presets are loadable to any source connected to the matrix switcher, ensuring that any display can receive audio and video.

Image Caption: High-Speed HDMI(R) 4x4 Matrix Switcher
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HDMI(R) to HDMI Matrix Switchers (4X4 and 8X8)
The Atlona(R) AT-H2H-44M and AT-H2H-88M HDMI(R) matrix switchers support high-speed HDMI and uncompressed digital multichannel audio switching and distribution across up to eight zones. The units support all types of digital A/V sources, with advanced EDID management to ensure compatibility across multiple display types. With the capability to provide full 3D and ARC support, the AT-H2H-44M and AT-H2H-88M utilize the latest HDMI specification and include an innovative audio de-embedding feature, which allows users to separate the audio from the HDMI using a standard S/PDIF connection. The new H2H series switchers include a standard USB port for field firmware and feature upgrades.

Image Caption: HDMI(R) to HDMI Matrix Switchers
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HDBaseT(TM) HDMI(R) Distribution Amplifiers Over Single Cat 5e/6/7 (2X4, 2X8, and 2X8 Extended Distance)
For users needing to display a single source to multiple displays over a long distance, Atlona(R) will be showcasing its new HDBaseT(TM) splitters. The AT-HDCAT-4 and AT-HDCAT-8 can extend signals up to 230 feet over Cat 5e/6/7 cable, while the AT-HDCAT-8ED provides an additional 100 feet for a total of up to 330 feet. All units features two HDMI(R) inputs, S/PDIF and analog loop-out with captive screw, EDID management, PoE, wall-mount and rack brackets, HDMI loop-out, as well as dual (redundant) power supplies.

Image Caption: HDBaseT(TM) HDMI(R) Distribution Amplifiers over Single CAT5e/6/7
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HDMI(R) Extender Kits Over Cat 5e/6/7
Atlona(R) HDMI(R) extenders achieve distances of up to 230 feet over Cat 6a cable and up to 200 feet with Cat 5e/6, and feature traditional TX/RX box designs; USB update ports; resolutions to 4Kx2K; and PoE for the receiver and CEC pass-through. At GovComm 2012, Atlona will highlight the AT-HDTX/AT-HDRS extenders, which offer captive screw termination for power on the transmit balun.

All of Atlona's HDX extenders are interchangeable based on the lowest common feature to ensure system reliability in even the most complex deployments. The units can be ordered to match specific distant end requirements with options including bidirectional IR, RS-232, and Ethernet pass-through; captive screw termination for IR, RS-232, and power on the transmit balun; PoE on the receiver; captive screw for IR/RS-232 on the RX balun; and a range of 330 feet.

The AT-HDWP and AT-HDWP-UK HDMI wall plate extender kits carry the same features as the HDX series above and are available in a variety of wall-plate form factors for the U.S. Decora(R) and U.K. applications. The new Atlona wall-plate extenders are the perfect custom-fit solution for transmitting digital signals in government applications where a finished look is required such as conference rooms and board rooms.

Image Caption: HDMI(R) Extender Kits over Cat 5e/6/7
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Fiber Optic Solutions
Atlona(R) carries fiber optic extenders in both single and multimode for extremely long run applications. Small footprint transmitters, receivers, and wall-plate models are also available. At GovComm 2012, Atlona will showcase the AT-3GSDI20SR Miniature Fiber Optic 3G/HD/SD-SDI Digital Video Extension Kit featuring a range of up to 1,200 feet.

Atlona's 3GSDI version, model AT-3GSDI20SR, is capable of sending 3G SDI signals and is one of the world's smallest 3G/HD-SDI baluns. This unit allows users to transfer 1080p HD-SDI signals at 3 Gb/s, supporting a single channel SMPTE-424M 3G HD-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD, or SMPTE-259M serial digital video signal over single or multimode fiber.

Image Caption: Miniature Fiber Optic Digital Video Extension Kit
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SDI/HD-SDI, 3GSDI Solutions (Distribution Amps and Format Converters)
The AT-3GSDI-14 1x4 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier with reclocking receives one SDI input signal, perfectly duplicates it, and re-transmits to four SDI outputs for real-time multiviewing. The Atlona(R) 3G HD-SDI, HD-SD, SDI distribution amplifier is a perfect solution for those who want to split a signal from a camera, video card, or a mixer to four outputs. Atlona's HDMI(R) to 3G/HD/SD-SDI converter will also be on display. The AT-HD-3GSDI provides a professional way to convert HDMI to 3G/HD/SD SDI in real time. The conversion between SDI and HDMI is pure digital and guarantees lossless transformation for both audio and video. The converter supports 8-channel, 7.1-channel, and 5.1-channel audio.

Image Caption: 3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier
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Atlona(R) Manufacturer Training at GovComm 2012:

Extending, Splitting, and Connecting in the Digital Age
Walter E Washington Convention Center (Room 201)
Nov. 28, 9:00 a.m.  10:30 a.m.

This course covers a range of topics designed to bring attendees up to speed on HDMI(R), EDID, and HDCP, including how to integrate it and deploy it over distance at multiple points. Atlona(R) will discuss HDBaseT(TM), HDBaseT Lite, and fiber for digital distribution, connectivity, and control of the digital stream, including high-definition audio and video, (including 4K video and lossless audio) control (RS232, IR, CED, USB), Ethernet and Power (PoE), and a primer on digital system troubleshooting.

Company Overview
Atlona(R) is a leading provider of innovative connectivity solutions to the audio/visual and IT markets. Since 2003, the company has been designing and engineering award-winning products for a diverse range of residential and commercial A/V and IT applications, including education, business, government, entertainment, healthcare, and other markets.

Atlona's products and services enable system designers, integrators, consultants, and installers to create scalable, customized solutions that keep their organizations on the cutting-edge, increase efficiencies, exceed customer expectations, and lower costs. Atlona focuses on delivering products with the innovative features and reliability customer's demand, all at the best value in the industry.

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