New ''smart'' power strip does just about everything but the laundry

Software-controlled PwrUSB-SMART saves power, safeguards computer and controls household functions.

Plano, Texas November 8, 2012 - Most people probably take the

lowly power strip for granted, but a new generation of "smart" power strips
can do a lot more than just save power and rescue hung-up computers. The
truth is that power strips, like phones, just keep getting smarter and
smarter, and Texas-based PowerUSB has just launched the smartest power strip
yet. Appropriately named the PwrUSB SMARTT, this device can do everything
from monitoring the kids' TV watching and gaming activities, to scheduling
the brewing of the morning coffee, to creating a splendid holiday light
show. "The SMART is our first power strip that is targeted towards end
users," says Patsy Lundin, VP Sales and Marketing of PowerUSB. "It is both a
power saving and power control device."

The four-outlet PwrUSB SMART power strip offers the functionality of power
control without being tied to a computer - and this, says Ms. Lundin, will
be a boon for users everywhere. The SMART is a programmable power strip with
a digital display and USB interface. "The unit can be programmed by
attaching it to a computer via USB, and then can be used as a standalone
unit," explains Raum Pattikonda, Chief Technology Officer of PowerUSB and
mastermind behind this technology, "and the individual outlets can be
programmed to switch on at certain times." The SMART has a LCD display to
display time, power consumption, next scheduled up time and other
information. It offers several modes of operation, including a
calendar-based and master load-based switch-on.

"This is truly the smartest power strip currently available on the market,"
says Raum, "with the maximum features and functionality in the PowerUSB
family of models."

The PwrUSB SMART is the fourth in the company's successful line of power
strips; others are the PwrUSB Basic, the Digital IO, and the Watchdog. The
Basic is an energy-saving device that switches on the computer connected
peripheral devices only when needed, it can also monitor router/modem and
reboot automatically if required such as when those are hung. It can also
play a critical role in the health industry. For example, medical equipment
controls the centrifuge motor when it senses certain power consumption on in
another motor attached to the power outlets and can be used for automating

controls for mission critical medical applications. The Basic model comes
with bundled simulator software that can be programmed to the switches on
lights and fans when needed. Starting with the Basic, the power strip can be
used as a power consumption meter which is a common feature in all of the
available power strip models from PwrUSB.

PwrUSB's Digital IO model is a low cost integrated PLC and USB interface
device for mediating Digital Inputs and Outputs. It is a radically different
product compared to other power automation products available in the market.
It is not only two products (Digital IO and PLC) built into one; it is
superior in

terms of integration, ease of use and cost in both forms of operation. It
can integrate multiple electronic devices to provide a simple solution to
complex automation tasks. For example, using PwrUSB's Digital IO model
anyone can implement a grandiose automated photo booth application. In this
exemplary photo booth, the camera and lights will be powered on only when a
user walks into the booth. The camera will display a live view in an
attached monitor, and it will take a snap when the user presses an indicated
Photo Snap Button. A separate print button will print the photo via a
printer attached to the camera module. Power will go down on all attached
devices once the user walks out of the photo booth. All this can be done to
turn all these standalone devices into an elegant automated solution just by
using PwrUSB Digital IO power strip. The Digital IO model can also handle
complex logical systems such as PCB Conveyor systems by using a SMEMA

The Watchdog model is designed to prevent computer "hang-ups" by monitoring
and hard re-booting a "hung" computer automatically. With this model you
don't have to worry about uptime of critical computers and servers. Once the
server or computer is attached to a PwrUSB Watchdog power strip, locally
thru USB, it will monitor the computer by sending digital "heartbeats" via
the bundled software it comes with. If the server hangs, the heartbeats will
stop and after a predefined time, the power strip will auto hard reboot the
server. Watchdog version is also great for remote computer systems such as
kiosks, ATMs and any other unattended machines that need to be monitored for
continuous performance.

But it's the SMART power strip that is getting all the buzz now, explains
Raum, who says, "The SMART is not only great for power conservation, but you
can also monitor your kids' TV watching or limit their X-box time, even when
you're not at home. And there are dozens of other possible household uses.
By using the SMART's frequency options, for example, you can control your
Christmas lighting and even create a fantastic light show. Moreover, you can
use the calendar function to control pet food or drink dispensers, or even
turn on your coffee maker at a certain time. There are dozens of possible

He adds, "Other strips may call themselves 'smart,' but the PwrUSB Smart is
truly the smartest strip available on the market today, and it's the only
strip to be controlled via software. It is also the most customizable, since
it comes with API for your own programming needs."

The SMART was designed to offer the best of both worlds in power
conversation and control. "You can use the SMART for power savings and
automation by turning off devices when not in use," says Shariq Hamid,
President of PowerUSB. "You can also monitor any network device by using the
'Ping' function to reboot if the device is not responding."

Home use is just the beginning for the PwrUSB SMART; there are many other
potential applications, Shariq says. For instance, he anticipates a lot of
interest from the gaming industry, as well as from manufacturers and
operators of photo booths and medical testing equipment, because of PwrUSB
power strips' ability to control power based on different inputs.

The aim of PowerUSB is to offer users a wide range of power strips for every
need. While the SMART is the latest in the line, the company stresses that
the Basic, Digital IO, and Watchdog also represent advancement over the
"old" generation of power strips. "We're taking cutting-edge technology,
originally created for industrial applications, and adapting it for home and
small business use," says Raum. "We believe that users who switch their
existing power strips to one of the PwrUSB models will see a significant
savings in electricity usage, as well as, in the case of the SMART,
remarkable automation capabilities."

"The new generation of smart strips is here now," asserts Shariq. "We
believe that the PwrUSB SMART - as well as the Basic, the Digital IO, and
the Watchdog - can help thousands of users looking for solutions to their
power and automation needs both at home and at the office."

About the company...

The PwrUSB product line was launched as a consumer product line, using the
same technology utilized in industrial applications, to help end users
implement home automation. In addition to providing automation, the PwrUSB
line also provides power savings and helps in the efforts towards a
"greener" Earth. A fifth and final model PowerUSB model will be launched
early in 2013.

PowerUSB is a Texas-based firm whose parent company, PH Technical Labs
(PHTL), has produced numerous products such as facial recognition software,
end-user cell phone companion devices, and other high-tech products. PTHL
currently holds 11 patents (4 granted and 7 pending).

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