When technology is integrated into a home at the early design stages, it can improve a project dramatically.

Interior design consultancy Hill House Interiors in conjunction with leading Smart Home Technology provider, Icon Connect has unveiled a state-of-the-art Crestron smart home system at Hill House's new London showroom. Located on Elystan Street in Chelsea Green SW3, the showroom showcases the latest in Crestron technology, with an array of impressive products for homeowners and yacht owners alike.

"We are continually trying to bridge the gap between design and technology," says Robin van Meeuwen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Crestron International. "More and more home owners are installing technology into their properties, but it can be difficult for them to understand exactly how it works and what it will look like. By installing Crestron equipment into this demonstration facility, Hill House, Icon Connect and Crestron can now showcase the benefits of smart home technology and provide visitors with a first-hand experience of the technology in a real-life setting. Icon Connect have completed a first class design and installation, integrating a range of functions that show off a variety of available options."

Icon Connect designed a discreet, yet functional and easy to use AV and security system, which is seamlessly integrated within the interior design of the new Hill House showroom. The showroom will assist in demonstrating how Crestron technology can positively impact the room and enhance the design of a home, in an interactive, hands-on setting.

"The showroom at Hill House Interiors shows just how technology can work with interior design to create a truly fantastic lifestyle" explains Paul Rose, Director at Icon Connect. "When technology is integrated into a home at the early design stages, it can improve a project dramatically. We continually work with Crestron and are always pleased with the high quality of its products and the discreet, clever way in which they can be incorporated into the home; so it made sense to install Crestron into the showroom."

The Main Equipment Centre (MEC) is the control hub and brain of the system. It houses the Crestron control and distribution systems and the IT hardware, along with shared entertainment sources, including TV, iPod and a Blu-ray player. Icon Connect also installed the very latest Crestron HD distribution system, Crestron Digital Media 8G+ (DM). Each area includes; Audio, Visual and Control elements, which have been designed with the client and room purpose in mind. This will allow visitors to easily watch, listen and control, audio and video and lighting in any area of the building.

The ground floor includes two TV screens, a 55" LED by the bar/cashier area, for presentations or background images and a 40" LED near the entrance. Eight ceiling speakers provide complete sound coverage and the ability to create smaller sound zones. Control of the ground floor can be accessed by an iPad or Crestron TPMC-4SM in-wall touch-screen, with Icon Connect's easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). This enables intelligent and intuitive control of the entertainment and lighting systems.

The showroom utilises the Crestron DIN Rail lighting control solution, allowing control of the lights via the iPad, Galaxy tablet and the Crestron TPMC-4SM touch screens. The basement has a boardroom area containing a 55" screen and in-ceiling speakers. Desktop PC connectivity and control is available both via the Crestron touch screen and a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

A security system has been installed with door entry and access control. A BPT video door entry system has been integrated with the Crestron control system and can be accessed with the Crestron touch screens, delivering both two-way communication and a video image of the caller.

The showroom is now open for business and Icon Connect are available to demonstrate and discuss further the systems that have been implemented. For more information about Crestron products visit for more information about Icon Connect,

Hill House Interiors new showroom visit

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