Monitor Audio Introduces The New & Improved 100-200-300 Series

In-Ceiling & In-Wall Trimless Speakers

Wide-reaching 'Trimless' Architectural speaker range promises the easiest way to fit 'invisible' high performance sound. Embracing no fewer than seventeen models all sporting 'trimless' grilles for stealthy looks, Monitor Audio's complete line of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers delivers great sound and easy, secure, discreet installation to every room.

The new Monitor Audio line-up of in-wall and in-ceiling speaker models offers a wealth of choice, technology and performance to the installer. Seventeen models ranged across four audio quality standards incorporate innovative features to take the complexity out of speaker selection and installation.

In-wall and in-ceiling designs are available in 6.5-inch and 8-inch versions, all with stealthy trimless grilles for low-profile installation. Their performance is classified as 'good', 'better', 'best' and 'flagship' according to the Monitor Audio technologies available. For instance, at one end of the performance spectrum, the 100 series CT or WT, 165 or 180 models combine MMP®II bass drivers, with a pivoting version of Monitor Audio's trademark C-CAM® gold dome tweeter. At the flagship end, the 300 Series CT/WT 380-IDC 3-way models marry C-CAM bass drivers with Rigid Surface Technology (RST®) cone profiles to a pivoting IDC mid/tweeter module housing a 4-inch C-CAM midrange and 1-inch C-CAM gold dome tweeter. In between 'good' and 'flaghship' models are the 'better' 200 series of 2-way designs and the 'best' 200 series 3-way models.

Also in the range are specialised FX in-ceiling surround speakers with switchable bi-pole/dipole modes and T2 stereo loudspeakers, featuring dual, independently pivoting 1-inch C-CAM tweeters, and 6.5/8-inch MMP®II dual wound voice coil bass drivers.

Features and Specifications

* Trimless Grilles - The grilles attach magnetically to the speaker frame, allowing easy removal and re-fixing in seconds. Their stealthy appearance favours discreet, dİcor friendly installation.

* Patented Tri-Grip® Fixing Clamps - These mounting clamps feature three clamping points per dogleg, providing three times the clamping surface area of conventional single-point clamping speakers.

* Easy Handling during Installation - All models feature protective crossover covers designed to prevent the ingress of loose building materials and dust into the drivers and crossover. The protective covers also make handling easy, and protect the crossover components from damage during installation.

* Adjustable Response Controls - Optimum imaging and set-up are established via pivoting tweeters, pivoting IDC driver modules, high-frequency, midrange-frequency, and/or boundary compensation controls (depending on model). The boundary compensation control provides a gentle midrange roll-off response while preserving extreme low frequency output when the speaker is placed close to ceiling and wall boundaries.

* Weather Resistant - All models will resist high humidity and ultraviolet light and can be placed in bathrooms and pool areas.

Over four decades of speaker design expertise have produced the most complete range of elite in-wall and in-ceiling speakers from Monitor Audio to date. In blending precision engineering with excellent technological and design innovation, the new series of 'trimless' architectural speakers is destined, simply and securely, to reconcile the competing demands for sophisticated interior design and great sound all around the home.

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