Audio Professionals Brush Up on Studio Acoustics at the 133rd AES Convention

Some new acoustical products that ASI began offering this year include new design friendly AcoustiClouds and Whisperwave Clouds.

RICHMOND, VA (October 24, 2012) - According to the AES website, the Audio

Engineering Society has been "the largest gathering of audio professionals
and enthusiasts on the globe" for over 60 years, "attracting delegates from
over 100 countries worldwide". Starting this Friday, October 26, 2012, the
AES will hold its 133rd Convention, which includes workshops and tutorials
as well as the exhibition floor providing a goldmine of networking
opportunities for attendees. Acoustical Solutions, Inc. will use this
opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge on the science of acoustics
pertaining to live and recording rooms, as well as promote new product lines
for the audio professional.

"We provide the most comprehensive line of acoustical treatment for the
audio industry, but most importantly, we understand acoustics" says David
Ingersoll, ASI's newly promoted director of business development and
operations and former national sales manager of over ten years, "we can
provide quality acoustical products at the best prices, but what we are more
proud of is that we spend time talking to our clients in the audio industry
and create a personalized treatment - because if you know anything about
recording or performing live, you know that no two rooms sound the same,
before or after acoustical treatment".

Acoustical Solutions, Inc. manufactures and supplies many varieties of sound
absorbing products including bass traps, diffusers, acoustical wall panels,
acoustical ceiling clouds, and acoustical foam, as well as voice over
booths, drum shields, and other soundproofing equipment. ASI also has
exclusive contracts with companies such as Sonex, Primacoustic, and
ClearSonic allowing them to provide an expanded line of high-end acoustical
products for the recording industry.

Some new acoustical products that ASI began offering this year include new
design friendly AcoustiClouds and Whisperwave Clouds, which are great for
absorbing reverb above mixing desks, as well as AcoustiArt Sound Absorbing
Panels that can be printed with any high resolution photo or graphic for
professional or home recording studios.

The 133rd AES Convention goes from October 26th to the 29th at the Moscone
Center in San Francisco, California. Acoustical Solutions, Inc.
representatives Don Strahle and David Ingersoll will be on the exhibition
floor at booth number 704 to answer questions on acoustics and

About Acoustical Solutions, Inc.:

Since 1989 Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has provided the detailed expertise
needed to serve the noise control community. Acoustical Solutions, Inc.
works with a wide variety of customers from commercial and residential
development to worship facilities, recording studios and home theater
designers. Acoustical Solutions, Inc. offers the industry's most
comprehensive selection of noise control and soundproofing products,
including a full line of indoor and outdoor industrial, commercial,
environmental and architectural noise control products. For more information
please visit, call 1-800-782-5742, or see
our media kit.

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