Influxis and Teradek Join Forces to Offer End-to-End Solutions for Wireless Live Streaming Projects

Influxis and Teradek joined together to provide comprehensive wireless live streaming solutions, from wireless encoding to real-time delivery to viewers

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.--Influxis, a leading interactive streaming solutions company, and Teradek, a leader in compact HD H.264 video encoders and accompanying transmission systems, announced today that they are officially partnering to provide end-to-end wireless live streaming solutions. People can use Teradek's products, Cube, Bond, and Link, to wirelessly encode live video feeds and now relay it effortlessly via cellular networks to the Influxis-hosted Sputnik Server for live video delivery.

This new wireless live streaming service is a culmination of Teradek's hardware expertise in cutting-edge, ultra-portable, networking video products and Influxis' 10+ years of media streaming experience. Teradek's Cube is the industry's smallest camera-top HD video encoder, and their Bond and Link devices offer the latest technology in the 3G/4G cell mux space. The Influxis-hosted Sputnik Server is the aggregation software that repackages video files sent from Bond or Link and delivers them to the Internet, broadcast stations or other streaming destinations.

There are two Influxis Sputnik Server hosting plans available to all current Influxis FMS customers. The Shared Sputnik Server Plan, for customers interested in sharing server resources, is free, and for those customers who prefer to have their own dedicated private server resources, the Dedicated Sputnik Server plan is $100 per month.

"By partnering with Influxis, our two companies can now provide a seamless end-to-end solution for broadcasting directly to the Internet from nearly any location with cellular coverage," said Nicol Verheem, CEO of Teradek. "Influxis has always been a leader in the streaming media space and we believe they are taking the entire industry forward by providing their clients with solutions that are at the bleeding edge of technology."

"Teradek's products are shaping the future of high definition 4G wireless streaming; their Cube and Bond devices are revolutionizing the Live HD market and give content publishers a tremendous edge. Sputnik is a powerful signal management tool and we are excited to host and support it. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Teradek and supporting them on more innovative solutions," commented Richard Blakely, Influxis CEO.

Beyond the Sputnik Server hosting, people can use Influxis' wide range of streaming capabilities to customize their wireless live streaming, including interactivity, social media integration and web-robotics. They can also utilize Teradek's other product offerings such as Brik, a wireless camera-back encoder and Bolt, a zero-delay wireless transmitter.

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Influxis provides media server, network, and support services to companies who want to utilize the latest in streaming and live collaboration technologies. Capabilities include over a decade of experience with large-scale global infrastructure, hands-on technical and development support, turn-key interactive and collaborative social applications, massive multiplayer game hosting, peer-to-peer, and custom cloud networks. To learn more, visit

About Teradek

Teradek is a leader in compact HD H.264 codecs and IP transmission systems used in filmmaking, live video production, and broadcast television. Teradek's Cube is the world's best selling miniature HD encoder, and transmits 1080p video over Ethernet, WiFi or cellular networks to iPads, CDNs, or IPTV decoders. For more information, visit

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