TruAudio Introduces The Trunami: Retrofittable In-Wall Subwoofer

High Excursion Spider Suspension (HESS) designed 8" woofer. Two 6.5" Bass Augmenting Drivers for deeper bass. Mount between 16" stud in standard thickness wall. Comes complete with MDF back box - retrofittable. Frameless, magnetic Ghost-like cloth grill for easy install and minimal footprint.

TruAudio Introduces The Trunami:

Retrofittable In-Wall Subwoofer

ST. GEORGE---October 22, 2012-TruAudio announces an all new, retrofittable in-wall sub called the Trunami.

"Designing the Trunami in-wall subwoofer was a labor of love. And that love began by choosing a TruAudio 8" woofer," states Kary Wawrzyniak, Vice President of Technology.

Big Sound

The Trunami's 8" woofer utilizes a linear High-Excursion-Spider-Suspension (HESS) design - specifically matched to its enclosure as well as the amp power level and frequency. Its Aramid fiber spider is the optimized shape for deep bass, linearity and break-up mode control at high drive levels. The woofer also has a large, high-energy ceramic magnet that achieves a higher BL product or "horsepower" for the Trunami.

The woofer magnet circuit was designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize the woofer's motor efficiency making for a unique subwoofer driver with high sensitivity, long excursion, producing deep bass in a small enclosure with low distortion.

"BAD" Bass

Next, we added two 6.5" Bass Augmenting Drivers (BAD) to enhance the bass while keeping the dimensions of the Trunami cabinet to a minimum. The BAD's allowed us to design a very small enclosure while adding a radiating area equal to that of a 10" woofer.

The BAD's also augment the lowest range of the Trunami's 8" woofer. Tuned to vibrate in response to the bass energy coming from the woofer, the BAD's deepen the range several steps lower than the lowest pitches that the woofer can reproduce. They extend the Trunami bass a full -3db@37Hz when mounted mid wall near the floor. This gives the Trunami the aural perception of bass notes roughly half an octave lower than it would otherwise be able to reproduce.

Strong, Versatile Speaker

All the Trunami drivers use a high tech, high temperature adhesive to bond the cone, spider and voice coil at a single region called "three point bonding". This assures high power handling with mechanical durability. The Trunami cabinet has also been internally braced for vibration free performance.

The use of multiple subs to prevent areas of bass null regions in a room of very low bass is fast becoming the norm in installations. In keeping with that trend, the Trunami has been designed to work as a single unit or in 2 or 4-unit configurations to minimize waves and phase cancellations in larger rooms.

Small Footprint

Finally, we used a state-of-the-art CAD system in designing the Trunami so we could squeeze all this stellar bass performance into the smallest possible enclosure. The Trunami is small enough to mount between a 16" stud in a standard thickness wall. Coming complete with its own MDF back box, the Trunami is retrofittable. The Trunami also features a frameless, magnetic cloth grill that is both easy to install and minimizes the on-wall footprint.


The Trunami In-Wall Sub is available through authorized TruAudio dealers. To learn more about the Trunami, and for additional technical specifications, order options and accessories, please visit

Type: Passive In-Wall Subwoofer
Woofer: One 8" active driver and two 6.5" passive drivers
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Frequency Response: (+/-3db) 35-180 Hz
Voice coil 4-layer copper
Grill Type: Magnetic Black Cloth
Finish Dimensions: 18.75" H, 17.25 W, 4.375" D
Cutout Dimensions: 17.375" H, 14.375 W, 3.875" D

Press Contact:
Todd Packard
1-888-858-1555 ext.4699

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