MHL Consortium Announces List of Recommended Mobile Apps Ideal for the Big Screen

Featured App List Part of New MHL Website Focused on Consumers and Content Developers

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--MHL, LLC today announced a new online destination for savvy consumers ready to take mobile gaming and computing to the big screen. With a first-of-its-kind curated list of "Featured Apps and Games," the Meet MHL website is the premier place for consumers ready for the next phase in mobile - using their TVs, projectors and PC monitors to display exciting content from their mobile device.

The new website provides a complete overview of MHL technology, including:

*15 Android-based mobile games and apps that have been tested to deliver a great "mobile-to-big screen" experience - best picture, great sound and a user interface that lends itself to the big screen;

*A list of MHL products available on the market today and where to buy online;

*And a simple guide to connecting an MHL mobile device to a TV.

Consumers spend, on average, 17 minutes on a smartphone, 30 minutes on a tablet, 39 minutes on a PC/laptop and 43 minutes on a TV (Source: Google/Ipsos/Sterling, 2012). Going to the big screen drives a deeper and longer engagement with consumers. MHL, as a high quality connectivity solution, offers the big screen experience from an MHL phone.

The initial titles in MHL's "Featured Apps and Games" page are a great source for fun and engaging mobile experiences that are ideally suited for the big screen. The page links consumers to Google Play and other stores where they can download the apps and games directly to their MHL mobile devices.

"With billions of smartphones and tablets shipped in the past few years, consumers have spoken - mobile devices are the indisputable computing platforms of choice," said Judy Chen, president of MHL, LLC. "Now, people are looking for new, effortless ways to get the most out of their devices and further integrate them into their daily routines."

The newly launched consumer website provides a unique opportunity to present content to the millions of consumers with MHL-enabled devices. Projecting to a larger screen leads to a longer engagement, taking advantage of the great graphics and sound in today's top apps. Additionally, inherent to MHL is the ability to simultaneously charge the phone's battery, supporting longer use of top mobile content. Any developers interested in working with MHL to feature their games or apps should contact

The initial launch titles include games from Big Fish Games and Glu Mobile, as well as games from developers across the thriving Android ecosystem.

• Atlantis Sky Patrol by Big Fish Games

• Panic Flight by AMA

• Azada 2: Ancient Magic by Big Fish Games

• Puzzle 2 by AMA

• Beyond Ynth by FDG-Entertainment

• Riptide GP by Vector Unit

• Bombshells by Glu Mobile

• Samurai Vs. Zombies Defense by Glu Mobile

• Enigmatis by Big Fish Games

• Shine Runner by Vector Unit

• Farm Invasion USA by Handy Games

• The Tiny Bang Story by Herocraft

• Fieldrunners HD by Subatomic Studios

• Townsmen by Handy Games

• Monster Shooter by Game Lion

MHL Technology for Mobile Apps

MHL technology is an ideal solution to bring mobile apps and games to a larger screen, delivering 1080p uncompressed video with up to eight channels of digital audio. Since MHL also charges the mobile device, consumers can power up while they level up. They can also control MHL-enabled mobile devices using their existing TV remotes to easily access and select content.

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