VidaBox and Control IP Offer Powerful 2-way RTI Integration for LiivNAS

New RTI driver enables easy selection of movie titles stored on LiivNAS w. playback through Dune HD Media Players. Drivers can be preloaded w. LiivNAS systems, or purchased independently for use on generic MyMovies servers. VidaBox becomes exclusive distributor of RTI driver in the Americas.

Garden City Park, NY - October 10, 2012 - VidaBox & Control IP proudly announces the availability of a new 2-way RTI driver for the recently released LiivNAS, an affordable system designed to easily store movies and music for multi-room distribution. Integrators can choose the LiivNAS for easy archiving of unencrypted CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, present stored movies by cover art with rich metadata on any RTI interface, then launch playback in Full HD 1080p Blu-ray quality on Dune HD Max, Duo, and Smart series Media Players. LiivNAS combines these features into one, single solution.

"RTI installers can now offer a scalable, multi-room movie distribution system with excellent uptimes and high reliability - complete with 2-way feedback and at prices never seen before," explains Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC. "Users can browse stored movies by high-res cover art with rich metadata on their RTI devices, and enjoy playback with a single button - all at a fraction of the cost of higher-end movie server solutions!"

"We are very excited to work with VidaBox and offer RTI integrators our integrated driver solution for LiivNAS & other generic 'My Movies for Integrators' setups," says Jonathan Raspaut, Principal of Control IP. "Whether an integrator is seeking a ready-to-use system like LiivNAS, or looking to devise their own solutions, VidaBox LLC is our single, exclusive point of contact for any North or South American integrator needing these drivers to provide powerful, yet inexpensive, movie servers with full RTI integration."

LiivNAS is not limited to providing movie serving capabilities for RTI control systems, but can also store and share music as well - complete with full metadata. CDs can be stored via its Drop-n-Rip drive. Digital music, in MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV, and other formats, can be easily transferred to the LiivNAS via the network. iTunes software can also be installed onto the system, allowing the LiivNAS to synchronize between multiple music libraries with services like iTunes Match. An entire music collection can be centralized and shared from a single LiivNAS, allowing easy, on-demand access from any networked, RTI-controllable audio server or media player.

"Not only is the LiivNAS extremely affordable and feature packed, but it's also is very simple to use," Cheung continues. "To archive new movies or music discs, simply insert the unencrypted title into the LiivNAS's Drop-n-Rip™ disc drive. No additional user input is required after this. Metadata tagging with bit-for-bit, lossless archiving starts automatically on the system, and ejects the disc once the process is complete. The newly added title shows up automatically on the RTI interface, along with other stored content available for playback from any Dune HD Media Player! With its powerful music and movie server features and complete 2-way RTI integration, the LiivNAS is the smart choice for any project requiring easy digital media archival, storage, and metadata auto-tagging!"

The RTI driver is available now, and can be purchased along with LiivNAS as a complete, pre-configured package, or separately for individual installation with generic MyMovies servers. For more details and specifications on the LiivNAS, and other VidaBox digital entertainment and control solutions, please visit the company website at, call +1-516-730-7500.

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