Elite Screens Introduces AirFlex and its New Stacking Processor at WFX 2012

Revolutionary Multi-Projector Stacking Processor to be Revealed at Worship Facilities Expo 2012

Cerritos, California. September 17, 2012-Elite Screens will be at this year's WFX 2012 event in Atlanta's GWCC (booth# 909). We will be showing off samples of our new whiteboard-wall covering, the Insta-DE2 in addition to our electric and fixed projection screens but the star of the show will be our new AirFlex projector stacking processor.

Airflex5D LLC. is a subsidiary of Elite Screens that creates stacked projector image systems. The Airflex5D-5 is a projector stacking system that gives precise digital alignment of images from multiple projectors vertically and horizontally into one single picture with amplified brightness. It accommodates up to a 1920 x 1200 resolution projector with dual-channel geometric image correction & supports de-interlacing, scaling and image enhancement.

This allows Custom Integrators to create a high-performance image similar to that of high-dollar 12000+ Lumen 1080P projectors at a fraction of the cost. This means that brightness is now attainable without breaking the bank, a key ingredient in maximizing brightness in Church presentations.

" In my opinion, this Airflex5D system is most exciting product at the entire CEDIA show." Bryan Bilgore, Sensorium AV

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Jeff Klida, National Sales Manager-CI Sales

Projection Screen with an Award-Winning Design: The Insta-DE2 is a surface converting material that instantly converts entire walls into a professional Dry-Erase Whiteboard / Projection Screen surface for use with standard or short throw projectors. It has stunning picture quality formulated to accommodate sensitive eyes. It is GREENGUARD certified against emissions for indoor air quality.

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WFX 2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic show. I look forward to seeing you there

-Dave Rodgers
Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc.

For more information about Elite Screen's various product lines, please visit our website at www.elitescreens.com.
The AF5D-5 is a dedicated Custom Installer& Professional AV product exclusively available through Elite Prime Vision.
For information on becoming a seller of AirFlex5D products, contact us at:

Bob Stern, Director of Sales, AirFlex5D LLC.

"Elite's color balance is extremely close to neutral, it assembles pretty easily, and the screen surface is taut with no waves. Overall construction appears pretty good, and I doubt you'll find another screen that will do better when you take price into consideration." - Art Feierman / Projectorreviews.com

"The bottom line ... you don't need to spend thousands of dollars for a top of the line screen to get great performance for the money. " - Bill Livolsi / ProjectorCentral.com

"This value screen has been nothing less than a champ in handling such a quality model like the Anthem. One of its merits as a bargain, combined with performance, is that you can upsell clients into a higher-end projector with the money they're saving on the screen." - Arlen Schweiger, Managing Editor, CE Pro Magazine

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