Sony Electronics and Next Level Security Systems Deliver the Next Evolution of Scalable Cloud-Based Surveillance Solutions

The service, planned to be available for a low monthly fee, will allow users to easily access on-camera and stored video, and provide additional flexibility through the cloud for long-term retention of critical data.

ASIS International 2012

PHILADELPHIA--Sony Electronics Security Systems Division and Next Level Security Systems are jointly developing a cloud-based video surveillance solution designed to deliver affordable, scalable security services and technologies to its worldwide customer base.

Combining Sony's IPELA Camera technology with NLSS Cloud Services from Next Level and EMC Iomega, Isilon, VNX, and VNXe storage technologies will allow cameras to automatically configure over the network and connect to the cloud for additional mobility, security and video storage options.

The service, planned to be available for a low monthly fee, will allow users to easily access on-camera and stored video, and provide additional flexibility through the cloud for long-term retention of critical data. Sony's G6 IPELA ENGINE-based cameras incorporate unique technology including edge-based storage and image-enhancing technology such as View-DR and XDNR. When combined with Next Level's innovative cloud-based security management services, Sony cameras will be able to automatically detect available bandwidth and select a suitable bitrate stream to maximize video transmission and viewing. Unlike other hosted or cloud services, Sony will leverage patent pending peer-to-peer technology from Next Level to provide restriction free access to live and recorded video regardless of the amount of video viewed, clients connected or events that are reviewed or downloaded.

"This groundbreaking technology will allow us to steam ahead of the competition by offering cloud-based surveillance devices and services that redefine the market," said Mark Collett, GM Sony Security Systems Division. "We are committed to serving customers that require a small number of cameras with minimal on-site infrastructure investment. This solution enhances our ability to deliver a variety of security technologies to our growing customer base while providing a high-level of safety, mobility and operational efficiency."

"Our mission is to design technology that delivers information quickly and efficiently to enable users to see a comprehensive view of security operations," said Peter Jankowski, Chairman and President, Next Level Security Systems. "Our cloud-based services combined with Sony IPELA camera technology will allow us to take the next step in allowing users to quickly gather video data and customize the way it is received, while increasing mobility and minimizing upfront investment."

With the new Sony G6 IPELA ENGINE-based cameras, users can access live and recorded video through a browser-based user interface that can be accessed on a wide range of network devices, adding additional flexibility and mobility. Android and iOS-based mobile applications allow users to access Sony cameras and watch video at the push of a button from a variety of mobile devices. Two-way audio and I/O functionality are also supported.

"Physical security users demand solutions that allow for the deployment of cameras with minimal configuration, security efficiencies and access to video information from anywhere," said Dick O'Leary, EMC's Global Director for Physical Security Solutions. "EMC's VMware Ready VNX and VNXe unified storage systems and low-cost Iomega arrays provide an industry-leading platform for hosted security services that provide centralized management and advanced remote site storage options for highly distributed environments. EMC Isilon's scale-out capabilities are ideally suited for today's big data, multi-petabyte physical security requirements that are becoming increasingly common in centralized hosted environments. Working with our partners to stay ahead of the growing demand for these capabilities, EMC's Physical Security Solutions Lab has validated the Next Level unified security management system with our full line of storage arrays and Next Level Cloud Services running on VMware for centralized hosted environments. EMC looks forward to expanding our existing relationships with Sony and Next Level to deliver a unique video surveillance solution that leverages state-of-the-art, yet cost-effective cloud-based video and storage technologies."

About Next Level Security Systems

Next Level Security Systems is a physical security company delivering a new breed of unified networked security technologies. The NLSS Gateway, Next Level's flagship product, is an award-winning, IP-based security management platform that integrates video management, IP access control, video analytics and remote management into a single appliance. It is successfully used in the retail, commercial, education, transportation and government markets. All of Next Level's products, sold through distribution worldwide, combine the performance, sophistication and functionality of enterprise-class security systems into a compact, unified and affordable solution. For more information, visit


Sony Electronics' Security Systems Division produces a full line of professional security and surveillance technologies that set industry standards for image quality and performance. All products - including cameras, encoders and monitors - are based on Sony's advanced image sensors, which provide greater resolution at higher speeds than any other imaging technology. All of Sony's security and surveillance products are available through its dedicated network of channel partners, which Sony collaborates with to design and customize total solutions.

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