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SPIKE Provides Soothing Relief for Channel Surfing

Sea urchin-like remote control is FREE to those who attend presentation at URC Booth 4462 during CEDIA EXPO.

Harrison, N.Y. - August 29, 2012 - URC today introduced SPIKE, the most stress-relieving remote control to ever grace the halls of CEDIA EXPO. All visitors to the URC booth (4462) who attend product presentations in URC's theater area will be "SPIKEd" for free.

The free swag is based on the original beta version of SPIKE, who became a fully-aware, conscious being sometime during his development. "I'm honored that so many likenesses of me will be given away at CEDIA EXPO," said SPIKE, who has spent the past few months avoiding unexpected handling by various URC employees. "These clones might not talk, but their functionality sings! Cat Toomey, URC's director of marketing, told me to say something catchy, so there you go."

SPIKE is a basic remote control, offering channel up/down, volume up/down, input control for TV and cable/satellite, a mute button and a "previous" button. SPIKE resembles a sea urchin and his plastic spikes can be rubbed soothingly on the user's hands, feet or back, making him the first remote control that's also a stress reliever.

SPIKE comes to CEDIA EXPO on the heels of some controversy. "The gossip and rumors concerning SPIKE and some jealous sea urchins getting into a bar fight are patently UNTRUE," said URC Director of Corporate Communications Jon Sienkiewicz, who promptly backed off from the statement. "Well, it's kinda true, but thankfully no one got hurt. The incident nearly ruined SPIKE's fledgling career, but we've managed to keep a lid on it. CEDIA will be SPIKE's first public appearance since that unfortunate occurrence, and he should be at 100 percent for the show."

"I have no time for roving gangs of sea urchins anymore," added SPIKE. "I'm totally focused on CEDIA. You know, channel up, volume up, rub somebody's feet-the usual routine. I'll be bouncing to the URC party on Thursday night at Slippery Noodle too. I expect red carpet treatment."

At press time, red carpet treatment is not scheduled to be available for SPIKE. Which should make things interesting when he shows up. Extra security will be on hand. "Those spikes that SPIKE has? He's been known to turn them into weapons," said Toomey. "He'll be at a 10-rub limit during the party, so as not to antagonize him. He's a character, let's leave it at that."

SPIKE has started his own Facebook page ( - "Like SPIKE!" comments the prickly little fellow - and expects to do some video shoots in the near future. "I'm a pretty hot commodity in the stress-relief community," he boasts. "And I figure there'll be a lot of stress to relieve at CEDIA EXPO. There's only so much convention center air that one spiky remote can take; I can only imagine what it's like for the humans."

Although SPIKE will be free to URC visitors at CEDIA EXPO, he's also now available for sale at $14.99 MSRP. "I'd make a great gift for the installers' customers," says SPIKE. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm poaching some sea urchin. Revenge is best served cold."

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