Apple Lossless and AIFF Support Added to Pioneer SC Receivers for Expanded Digital Music Playback

"Provides audio enthusiasts the high quality playback they've been wanting and that opportunity to listen to their favorite music as it was originally intended"

INDIANAPOLIS--CEDIA Show Booth #719 - Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. continues its commitment to providing consumers superior audio entertainment by offering a new firmware update to add support for Apple Lossless, AIFF and gapless playback on Pioneer's 2012 Elite® SC receivers, SC-65, SC-67 and SC-68, and the Pioneer®-branded SC-1522 receiver. The new firmware update increases high-resolution digital music options for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

"Adding support for these popular high-resolution digital file formats provides audio enthusiasts the high quality playback they've been wanting and that opportunity to listen to their favorite music as it was originally intended," said Chris Walker, director of AV product planning and marketing for the Home Electronics Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

There is an increasing growth in the consumption of high-definition media and an increase in the availability and access to high-resolution uncompressed and lossless compressed digital music file formats that deliver more accurate and detail audio reproduction for a greatly improved listening experience.

*Apple Lossless - Apple Lossless (also known as ALAC) file format allows the exact data to be reconstructed from the compressed data.

*AIFF Files - AIFF files store and transmit uncompressed professional-level audio data.

*Gapless Playback - Gapless playback improves the listening experience by providing the user with uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks. Gapless playback is particularly useful with music tracks that are meant to play continuously, without a break, such as classical music, progressive rock, concept albums or live recordings with audience sounds between tracks.

The upgradeable Pioneer SC receivers integrate advanced audio technology and features producing an ultra-high audio performance ideal for any home theater. Audio features and technology of the SC receivers include:

*Digital Class D3 Amplifier - Pioneer's Class D3 amplifier, built into the SC receivers, generates immense power without sacrificing sound quality and performance. The exclusive Class D technology is designed to maximize the audio potential of high-resolution sources such as Blu-ray Disc™ titles and high-definition audio content, including ALAC and AIFF files.

*Connectivity Options - Apple's AirPlay1, DLNA 1.5 and Bluetooth® connectivity are built into the models for wireless access and connection. The models have the ability to play high resolution FLAC and WAV music files of up to 192kHz/24-Bit and support various music services, including vTuner® Internet radio and PANDORA® internet radio.

*Additional High Resolution Music Playback - The SC-67 offers DSD (SACD DFF Files) music file playback via the front USB connection, while the SC-1522 and SC-68 offer the industry's first 192kHz/32-bit asynchronous USB DAC for ultra-high quality music file playback from a USB2 connected PC or Mac.

The 2012 SC receiver firmware update will be available in winter 2012 and accessible on the Pioneer website, The SC receivers are currently available with suggested retail prices of $1,599 (SC-1522), $1,600 (SC-65), $2,000 (SC-67) and $2,500 (SC-68).

Pioneer's Home Electronics Division develops award-winning audio and video home theater products including A/V receivers, Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD players, and speakers. The company's brands include Pioneer® and Elite®. More details can be found at

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