45-seat private home cinema redefines residential luxury

Cantara of Los Angeles, CA, recently completed a massive 45-seat private cinema of such magnitude and quality that it raises the bar for private cinemas worldwide.

ATLANTA, GA - 8/31/2012 - Cantara of Los Angeles, CA, recently completed a massive 45-seat private cinema of such magnitude and quality that it raises the bar for private cinemas worldwide. The video system features a record-setting 18' wide Stewart Cinecurve paired with Digital Projection International's award-winning TITAN Reference 1080p-3D projector. The audio system consists of a Genelec speaker array, which includes screen speakers usually found in the world's largest professional mixing studios. Ten high-powered surround speakers and sixteen 12" subwoofers complete the speaker package, all calibrated through a studio-grade QSC Signal Processor.

No small project by any stretch of the imagination, this 8,000 square foot cinema addition dazzles the occupants and guests of the over 26,000 square foot California home. Originally conceived as an ordinary home theater, the scope of the project grew as initial discussions progressed between the client and Lisa Slayman, owner of interior design studio Slayman Cinema. Slayman, who specializes in high-end residential theaters, began to realize the client was looking for something remarkable, both in scale and in performance. Working with no direct specifications from the client, with the exception of a specific fabric that would need to be enlisted throughout the theater, Slayman began designing a space with the transition spaces, marquee and over all grandeur of a classic Hollywood-grade cinema.

Slayman created a dramatic mezzanine level, two lobbies impeccably designed around the 'golden age of cinema' theme, and numerous visual punctuations throughout the massive space. There was no audio/video specialist involved in the initial stages of the project, so when it came time for acoustic consulting, Slayman turned to the client for initial suggestions. On the recommendation of one of the client's family members, Cantara was brought in for initial discussions.

The mutual respect was immediate between Slayman and the Cantara team, with Jason Voorhees, principal at Cantara, remarking, "Lisa specializes in cinemas and knew beforehand that the audio/video experience are at least as important as the visual aesthetic. Her design guidance and creative insight throughout the project was absolutely essential." With the two teams combining to full effect, the cinema is a best-case scenario regarding optimized audio and video, with every component in the ideal location to create the ideal experience.

From a performance perspective, the cinema is a resplendent gem amongst screening rooms. Each of the 45 seats, including those seated in a dramatic balcony, enjoy an absolutely stunning cinematic experience. DPI's dazzling TITAN Reference delivers both 2D and 3D entertainment to what is considered to be one of the largest residential curved screens in the world. Per Voorhees, "The room's performance blows past any preconceived expectation of what film should sound or look like, and consistently earns the comment, 'this is the best theater I have ever experienced,' from guests and industry veterans alike." Adding to the majestic experience is the grand drape that, upon movie time, parts to reveal the 18' Stewart Cinecurve screen. "There's a major wow moment when the drape opens, which is exactly what we wanted to deliver," says Slayman.

Other cinematic enhancements include the addition of an anamorphic lens that allows the TITAN 3D projector to display both 16 x 9 and 2:35 "cinemascope" content. The balcony features two 46" LED screens that display the same content as is being shown on the feature screen. This area also features two pair of surround speakers, thus enabling those seated in the balcony to experience the same audio quality as on the main level. Those seated in the front row of the auditorium are treated to the immersive sensory experience of D-Box motion encoded seats.

Both Slayman and Voorhees testify to how essential the interior design/AV integrator collaboration was in this project. Voorhees commented, "It is common for there to be contentious gulf between the integrator's audio/ video design and the interior designer's aesthetic design. This was nothing of the sort." Slayman agreed, remarking, "I wasn't going to present something to the client that Jason didn't think would enhance the performance of the room." The mutual respect helped deliver an absolutely stunning cinematic space that was unveiled to the client and more than 50 guests at a 2011 Super Bowl screening party.

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