Sonance launches new SLS (Sonance Landscape Series) High Output models for large residential and commercial installations.

Dana Innovations, parent company of Sonance, iPort and TRUFIG has announced the release of its new Sonance "High Output" models as part of its SLS (Sonance Landscape Series) range.

San Clemente, CA - August 30, 2012. The new SLS High Output system features the LS87SAT Satellite Speaker and LS15SUB 15" dual voice coil subwoofer. The 70-Volt system allows for simple daisy chain configuration for ease of installation and scalability to any size project.

The design of the system allows the installer to create an audiophile-quality sound field with minimal hot spots and dead zones, even at extremely high sound pressure levels, making it perfect for large residential properties as well as commercial projects indoors and out.

"We have experienced incredible success since the launch of our existing SLS system at CEDIA two years ago." said Ari Supran, CEO Dana Innovations, "While the initial target market was outdoors, we have since found that the high quality, evenly distributed sound that is achieved also makes it perfect for indoor commercial applications as well. The new High Output system takes the range to a whole new level, delivering the same un-paralled sonic performance and consistent sound stage at much higher volumes."

With a maximum SPL of 110dB peak @1 meter for the LS87SATs and an incredible 120dB peak @ 1 meter for the LS15SUB, the SLS High Output certainly lives up to its name.

The SLS High Output goes on sale by the end of the year and a system consisting of 4 x LS87SAT a LS15SUB and a dedicated system Amplifier will have an MSRP of $9050.

About Dana Innovations

Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Dana Innovations is the parent company of Sonance, iPort, and TRUFIG. The corporation was established in 1983 by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer who founded Sonance and introduced the world's first in-wall loudspeaker system to the consumer electronics market. Today, Dana Innovations brands are distributed in 60 countries around the world. Each unique brand offers innovative solutions that harmoniously blend sound with designs favored by leading architects, interior design professionals, custom integrators, and design conscious clients throughout the world.

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