Onkyo's Newest Products Capitalize on Networking, Bluetooth, and a New 3D Acoustics Technology

Will debut five exciting new products that reflect the company's commitment to developing technology that benefits the consumer.

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ (8/30/12) - Onkyo - a company known for its ability to anticipate market trends and capitalize on the latest technology - will debut five exciting new products that reflect the company's commitment to developing technology that benefits the consumer. These include the remarkable RBX-500 iLunar, a compact music dock that uses new technology from the Swiss firm Sonic Emotion to generate a 3D-stereo sonic image throughout a room. These introductions also include a 2.1-channel powered speaker package called EnvisionCinema, a network hi-fi mini system, a second hi-fi mini system in red, white, or black with Bluetooth wireless streaming, and a state of the art integrated stereo power amplifier.

Onkyo RBX-500 iLunar Dock Music System -- Onkyo will introduce the RBX-500 iLunar Dock Music System with Bluetooth streaming. This unique personal audio device uses a new 3D sound processing technology from Sonic Emotion in conjunction with six built-in speakers and a subwoofer. Through a process known as wave field synthesis, the technology creates an impression of being on stage or in the studio with the musicians, and immersed in high quality sound no matter where listeners are located in the room. ....more

Onkyo LS3100 EnvisionCinema --Onkyo will diversify its home theater line-up with the release of the LS3100 EnvisionCinema, an exciting 2.1-channel powered speaker package designed to improve the audio performance of modern flat-panel TVs with SRS audio enhancement and Bluetooth wireless streaming technology. The company expects it to find fertile ground between dedicated multi-channel home theater systems and more expensive two-channel options. ...more

Onkyo CS-N755 Network HiFi Mini System -- Onkyo has introduced the CS-N755 Network HiFi Mini System, a compact bookshelf music system with loudspeakers that is designed to provide state-of-the-art audio entertainment from Internet Radio; streaming music from smartphones, tablets, and computers via USB; wireless streaming with an optional USB Bluetooth Adaptor; FM/AM radio; and Compact Disc. ...more

Onkyo CS-355 Colibrino CD/Bluetooth HiFi Mini System -- With three colors to choose from - white, black, and red - the Onkyo CS-355 Colibrino CD HiFi Mini System is a compact, stylish way to get great sound from CDs, radio, and music streamed from an iPod, iPhone or any other device that can communicate via Bluetooth or USB. Ideal for use in a bedroom, dorm, office, or kitchen, the Colibrino comes with a pair of high-performance two-way speakers and a hand-held remote control. ....more

Onkyo A-9050 Stereo Integrated Amplifier -- High quality audio has been the core business of Onkyo for over 50 years, and today's introduction of the A-9050 Stereo Integrated Amplifier shows the company knows how to stay focused. Like all integrated amplifiers, the A-9050 combines the source switching and control functions of a preamplifier with a power amplifier capable of driving large loudspeakers. The power amplifier section features the company's famed WRAT amplifier technology boosted by its Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry. ....more.

All of these products will be available in the fourth quarter of 2012 with prices and other details on the above linked releases.

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