At CEDIA Expo Sound Room SR-7, Procella Audio Plans Active Demo System and Debut of the New P860 and P6V Loudspeakers and DA-2800 Power Amplifier

Active demo system will feature P610 biamplified full-range L/C/Rs, P6 surrounds and P18 dual 18 inch active subwoofer, driven by Procella DA-2800 power amplifiers----- The P860 is an extremely high output full-range main speaker that stands 6 feet tall, capable of 138dB peak output, designed for the largest home cinemas, screening rooms and cinemas up to 24 meters (80 feet) in length----- The DA-2800 is a four-channel power amplifier that produces 700W x 4 channels into 4 ohm loads and 360W x 4 channels into 8 ohm loads, available in two versions - one with onboard DSP preprogrammed for Procella loudspeakers and the other with no DSP----- The P6V is a high output, compact L/C/R and surround loudspeaker in a tall profile enclosure, designed for small to medium size home cinemas and professional screening and post/mix rooms

Indianapolis, Indiana and Venice, Calif. - August 29, 2012 - Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-output speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced today in addition to an active demo, two new loudspeakers and Procella's first power amplifier will make their debut at CEDIA Expo. Procella's fully active home cinema demonstration includes P610 biamplified full-range loudspeakers mounted in a baffle wall as mains, P6 surround speakers, and a P18 dual 18" active subwoofer, all driven by Procella DA-2800 power amplifiers. Acoustical treatment of the sound room is designed and provided by Quest Acoustical Interiors, and the cinema system features an Avielo Optix 2.35:1 projector, the Datasat RS20i audio processor, and a Seymour Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K acoustically transparent screen.Description: Image removed by sender. P860

The P860 is a biamplified three-way full-range screen channel speaker capable of delivering THX reference level playback (105dB) in rooms up to 24 meters (80 feet) in depth. Standing a full six feet tall and capable of producing peak output levels up to 138 dB, the speaker's driver complement includes a 1.5 inch high-frequency compression driver on a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide, dual 8 inch high-output midranges, and a unique V6™ array of six 10 inch woofers. External biamplification with the DA-2800DSP amplifier is required, which provides a total of 2,800 Watts to drive the loudspeaker. The DA-2800 also provides DSP control and the crossover between the low frequency and mid/high frequency sections.

The DA-2800 is the first Procella power amplifier. Delivering a total of 2,800 Watts into 4 ohm loads, the amplifier is rated at 700 Watts per channel into 4 ohm loads and 360 Watts per channel into 8 ohm loads. Channel pairs can also be bridged, prodDescription: Image removed by sender. DA2800 front panel cropucing 1,400 watts at 8 ohms. Two versions of the four channel amplifier are available. Each has the identical basic power amplifier, with the DA-2800DSP version adding onboard DSP for each channel. The preprogrammed DSP is used to create active crossovers or to optimize the frequency response of Procella loudspeakers and subwoofers. The DA-2800 is the identical amplifier without DSP.

The P6V is a two-way L/C/R and surround channel speaker that employs pro audio components that enable it to produce playback levels and dynamic range exceeding the capabilities of conventional speakers using dome tweeters. These components include a 1 inch high frequency compression driver mounted on a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide, a high-output 6.5 inch woofer and a Procella Identical Voice™ crossover. Otherwise identical to the wide profile Procella P6, the P6V cabinet has a tall profile that provides users with an additional design option.

All of these products are shipping at the time of the show. SRPs are as follows: the P860 is $15,999 each (without amplifier); the DA-2800DSP is $5,999; the DA-2800 is $4,699, and the P6V is $1,599 each.

About Procella Audio

Manufactured in Sweden and distributed globally, with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Stockholm, Procella Audio was launched in 2006 by two former Directors of DTS Europe, who created the first Procella speaker system for a 32 seat preview theater at the DTS Europe headquarters outside London. Procella loudspeakers deliver a powerful and dynamic cinema audio experience for the world's finest home cinemas, professional studios and screening rooms. For more information, please visit

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