Unique Linn technologies, superb style and build quality all combine to produce exceptional music performance - whatever the source and format.

World leading British audio company Linn has brought together 40 years of audio and hi-fi experience with over ten years of network audio development to produce the exceptional Kiko music system.

The new system combines the stylish Kiko DSM network music player - with built-in pre- and power amplification and a digital crossover - with the compact, fully active 2-way Kiko speakers, to ensure that whatever your source or file format, the sound performance can only be described as fabulous.

Beautifully designed, sleek and compact, Kiko is small enough to find a place in any living room, kitchen or bedroom. Kiko is also available in a range of six bespoke colours - with all finishes created in-house - including white, light blue, black, silver, champagne and dark blue.

Build quality is also superb thanks to new techniques specially developed by Linn to allow both the Kiko network music player and speaker enclosures to be made as exceptionally precise single pieces of aluminium, thereby creating very rigid structures to further enhance audio playback quality.

Linn has also developed a range of free apps to guarantee that Kiko is incredibly easy to install and use, including a new setup wizard and control apps that allow any digital content to be accessed and controlled by smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Everything sounds better with Linn

The outstanding audio performance of the Kiko system is derived from an intensive R&D programme, undertaken by Linn over the past ten years, into the key factors behind the performance of network audio and network music players.

As a result of this research project, Linn has uniquely chosen not to build its products around bought-in modules but has instead developed its own technologies from the ground up, which has significantly improved the quality of all its networked audio products.

In addition to Linn's industry-leading Dynamik switch mode power supplies (SMPS), Kiko features the same proprietary digital streaming technology used across the range of network music players, with up-sampling of all audio performed using Linn's custom algorithms.

Kiko also benefits from fully active 2-way speakers, with one power amp module for each high quality driver - 33 Watts RMS per channel - and a digital crossover to precisely control the timing and output of each speaker.

Optimised for multiple types of source, Kiko is naturally well-connected and in addition to an Ethernet port, the network music player has: 1x RCA analog Phono, 1 x S/PDIF RCA phono, 3 x HDMI and 1 x TOSLINK inputs. Output is handled by one HDMI port plus two high-quality four pole Neutrik Speakon speaker connectors.

With seven inputs, the Kiko system is the perfect hub for the modern home and allows music stored on PCs, MACs, smartphones and tablets - or via online services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Spotify and Napster - to be enjoyed at the highest possible quality, while the sound from digital and satellite TV, Blu-ray players and games consoles can be heard as never before.

Linn has also ensured that whatever audio format is used, Kiko just plays the music, with support for: FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), WAV, MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF, AAC and OGG all included.

About Linn

Linn designs and make the best music systems in the world. Based in Scotland and established since 1972, Linn manufacture everything in-house, from the electronics in our industry-leading Linn DS technology to the loudspeakers found in homes around the world. The iconic Sondek LP12 turntable continues to set the standard for vinyl playback and the latest digital stream players out-perform any CD or network music player available. Linn systems are sold through a worldwide network of specialist retailers who also share a passion for enriching people's lives through music. Linn were awarded a Royal Warrant in 2002, as suppliers of entertainment systems to the Royal Household, and received the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2012.

Linn also record music too and Linn Records is home to celebrated artists such as Carol Kidd, Claire Martin and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, with recordings available from Linn and other high-quality labels via our award-winning Studio Master music downloads service. Awarded 'Label of the Year' by Gramophone magazine for 2010-11, Linn Records were the first label to release Studio Master downloads without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Visit to learn more about Linn's range of network music players and discover how digital streaming works. Find out what a Linn system can do and why streaming sounds better.

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