Exceptional video capabilities abound in private California residence

In a theater where exceptional audio and video quality is equally important, West Hills, California's Global Wave Integration (GWI) recently completed an upscale home theater that excels in both.

ATLANTA, GA - 8/23/2012 - In a theater where exceptional audio and video quality is equally important, West Hills, California's Global Wave Integration (GWI) recently completed an upscale home theater that excels in both. At their client's behest, GWI was presented with the opportunity to create a truly immersive 3D theater experience in the comfort of the client's own home. The 'Sweetwater Theater' features Digital Projection International's award-winning TITAN Reference 1080p-3D projector and more, in order to accomplish the client's wish.

Although overall performance was critical in the Sweetwater Theater, both the client and interior designers wanted a theater that seamlessly fit with the overall flow of the home's layout. These dual desires, to create an environment that looked and felt like an inviting living room while also performing like a theater that was of the highest caliber, necessitated a true partnership between the integration and design teams. For example, the home features very classic, old world dİcor and accents throughout. During the design phase, different fabrics were selected by the client, and then tested acoustically to assure they were suitable from both an aesthetic and performance perspective. This spirit of collaboration was even more critical given that two interior design companies, Cinema Design Group International and Platner & Associates, worked on the project at different phases.

Enlisting some of the most top-performing video and audio solutions in the AV industry, "From my perspective, every aspect of the Sweetwater Theater is notable," stated Kyle Steele, Owner, Global Wave Integration. Steele continued, "The Digital Projection TITAN 3D is one of the theater's greatest assets. We wanted to provide our client with a cinema experience that no other home theater could produce. The TITAN was the best choice because of its powerful 10,000 lumens of brightness and FastFrame technology." Complementing the stunning visual imagery is a James Loudspeaker audio package, including 12 individually driven channels of audio, seven in-wall THX rated enclosures, three traditional boxed sub-woofers and two in-wall sub-woofers. Control for the theater is managed from a 15" Crestron video touch screen, with programming and GUI design by Tom Milpacher of Infusebox.

To ensure that the theater performed to absolute peak standards, an ISF certified calibrator was brought in to handle the final calibration. Additionally, the audio setup was calibrated using Crestron's Audyssey calibration kit and the Procise embedded calibration software. Steele remarked, "The theater looked and sounded great before calibration, but through calibration we were able to implement subtle improvements." Upon completion, the client was given a theater where "subtleties of the color and sound seemed to pop with maximum effect, further pulling the viewer into the cinematic experience," said Steele.

Designing and engineering the theater room presented numerous challenges, mostly pertaining to room's size of 4000 cubic feet. From the HVAC ducting layout to the invention of a projector slide that sustains up to 500 pounds of weight, GWI was involved in every design aspect of the room. "One of our goals was to maximize the existing space," stated Steele, "and in order to do that with such high-performance equipment, we had to get very creative." One such example involves the projector installation, as the TITAN 3D projector needed to be installed in a well-vented area within the room that was relatively easy to access. GWI placed the projector in a rear soffit, and then invented what they call a 'Projector Slide,' which sustains up to 500 pounds of weight. Even when fully extended. The room is also completely soundproofed by way of a custom-designed containment system that utilizes ceiling hangers, installed resilient channels for the walls and two layers of QuietRock. This system allows the theater to perform at peak volume capacity without disturbing the rest of the home.

The end result is a gem of a theater experience. "All the long hours, hard work, creativity, customization and research genuinely paid off and exceeded everyone's expectations," commented Steele, who has already begun another elaborate home theater project.

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