New indoor antenna promises superior performance, lower prices, and more customization

NOVI, Michigan (August 22, 2012) Solid Signal, a leader in the cord-cutting revolution, today announces the HD-BLADE indoor antenna. The HD-BLADE is an exclusive product for Solid Signal, offering class-leading performance and features not found in other indoor antennas.

The HD-BLADE's remarkable .0017" (.4mm) thickness is the result of modern manufacturing techniques that allow for silver foil to be sandwiched directly between two sheets of high-durability plastic. The resulting antenna does not require a clear laminated edge and is resistant to scratches and everyday wear. In addition, the revolutionary HD-BLADE is the only indoor antenna on the market with a detachable cable - unlike competing products the HD-BLADE can be ordered with any length cable or no cable at all. This minimizes signal loss and allows for cleaner installations. While any coaxial cable with F connectors may be used, the HD-BLADE is best paired with Solid Signal's Razor Thin cable which performs comparably to RG59 cable with less than half the thickness.
The HD-BLADE is white on one side and black on another, and is equally at home hanging on a wall with the supplied adhesive tabs or laying flat on furniture. The Razor Thin cable can be ordered in white or black for any installation need.
Solid Signal's HD-BLADE antenna has been shown in both laboratory and real-world testing to outperform other flat antennas by a considerable margin, turning in performance that rivals small outdoor antennas. HD-BLADE distances itself from its competitors by offering strong reception in the VHF-High range as well. It does so without an amplifier, in fact outperforming amplified antennas.
"Many people, including our competitors, think that all HDTV reception is in the UHF band. That's just not true," says Mike Childers, HD-BLADE Product Manager. "Solid Signal has managed the impossible task of creating a slim powerful antenna that works on both VHF-High and UHF digital TV broadcasts, and it pulls in channels from distances you wouldn't expect out of an indoor antenna."
Mr. Childers continues, "I'm very excited about this antenna. It beats its closest competitor in every frequency range in lab tests and I absolutely recommend it for the majority of people who live within 30 miles of major broadcast centers. Amplified antennas have so many downsides... why use an amplifier when you don't have to?"
Solid Signal's HD-BLADE antenna and Razor Thin cable are available exclusively at and starting today.
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