Marmitek introduces the ideal accessory for your Smartphone or tablet PC

Are you seeking the ideal gift for someone else or yourself? Then read on...

Almost all Smartphones and tablet PCs have one thing in common; as a result of the beautiful, flat design, the built-in speakers are not very good. That is a great shame. Particularly because we are all increasingly using our tablets and Smartphones to listen to music and watch videos.

Today, Marmitek is introducing two HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. These enable you to enjoy the music on your tablet and Smartphone (or other device that is Bluetooth enabled) wirelessly, with fantastic sound quality and without those around you having to listen to it too.

Perfect if you are sitting with your partner on the sofa and enjoying different activities. One is perhaps watching TV while the other is watching YouTube clips on a tablet or listening to music on a (smart)phone. Neither of you will be disturbed.
In addition, the HiFi Stereo Bluetooth headphones are ideal for closing yourself off from other travellers on public transport or listening to good music on your bike without getting wind in your ears.

Enjoy the benefits of wireless
Wireless is fantastic! No wires between your coat zipper. Never again dropping your tablet because you're tangled in the cable to your headphones and the added benefit of being able to move around freely.

The ideal birthday present!
Ever had problems coming up with a good present? Then the BoomBoom 540 or 560 is the perfect idea. There are very few people who have Bluetooth headphones and, given the fact that almost everyone has a Smartphone or tablet pc, there is a good chance that the recipient will be very grateful for this gift. Furthermore, installation is so simple that anyone can do it.

BoomBoom 540 and 560
The BoomBoom 540 is an on-ear headphone system. This lightweight and foldable design is perfect for taking wherever you go.
The BoomBoom 560 is an over-the-ear headphone system. This has a wired input for using in a plane and for connecting to a device that doesn't have Bluetooth. Otherwise, it is up to you which model you prefer.
Both headphone sets come with leather-look ear-pads for optimum wearer comfort. The headphones deliver amazing digital sound quality with clear mid-tones and a deep base sound. The rechargeable Li-ion battery gives you over 8 hours of listening pleasure. Both headphones are suitable for all Bluetooth® enabled sound sources such as iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android Smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Price and availability:
The BoomBoom 540 is available for € 34.95
The BoomBoom 560 is available for € 42.95

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