Long Live Stereo: Yamaha CD Player and Two-Channel Amplifier Introduce Music Enthusiasts to Audiophile Listening

-CD-S300 and A-S300 deliver classic sonic purity, styling and value-

BUENA PARK, Calif.--Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division, today introduced two new Hi-Fi components, the CD-S300 CD player and A-S300 integrated amplifier, which deliver sonic purity and modern features to those who are ready to elevate their music listening to the entry-level audiophile realm. Designed with great attention to detail, carefully selected parts and the company's proprietary audio features such as Pure Direct, Top-ART and Intelligent Digital Servo, these models comprise the cornerstone of a serious stereo audio system while representing a formidable entertainment value.

"Our CD-S300 Hi-Fi CD player and A-S300 integrated amplifier honor the long Yamaha design tradition with uncompromising quality and appealing aesthetics to anchor a formidable, affordable component music system," said Tom Sumner, senior vice president, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Hi-Fi stereo continues its resurgence and we build on the reputation we established in its early days, and look forward to fueling it well into the future with the very latest technologies and features."

The CD-S300 CD Player: Highest Quality Sound Meets Easy Operation

The CD-S300 is the result of well-matched, high quality parts that are normally found in significantly more expensive components. These include: a high-grade acoustic capacitor; a new low-noise, high gain bandwidth op amp; and the use of damping material under the transformer and around the signal cables.

Yamaha's Pure Direct technology enables the audio signal to travel the shortest possible route, bypassing non-essential circuitry and tone controls for the purest reproduction of sound. Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit DAC, combined with the digital technology refined by Yamaha over many years, ensures excellent conversion precision, signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range.

The CD-S300's laser pickup is isolated on a floating mechanism so its operation is not affected by vibration. Yamaha's proprietary Intelligent Digital Servo technology uses an exceptionally dependable Digital Signal Processor to monitor the audio signal and adjust pickup tracking and spindle motor speed to compensate for problems caused by warped discs, dust and other problems.

In addition to CDs, this model can also play back MP3 and WMA music files stored on iPods and other digital music players and USB memory devices via a USB port on the front panel.

Music from iPods can be enjoyed with the most faithful sonic reproduction by converting the digital signal to analog via the high performance DAC and transmitting it to the amplifier by the high quality audio circuitry. Audio signals input via the front panel USB can also be transmitted "as is" to other amps or audio systems with digital inputs.

The remote control can be used to operate a connected iPod's play, pause, skip and forward/backward functions, and the song, artist and album names will be shown on the CD-S300's front panel display.

The A-S300 Integrated Amplifier: Simple Design, Pure Performance

The A-S300 is the culmination of Yamaha's long experience in digital engineering and design. With a high-end look and feel similar to that of Yamaha's critically acclaimed A-S2000 amplifier, this model has an elegant aluminum extruded front panel and silky touch volume and selector knobs. A robust 60 watts per channel output, dual aluminum extruded heat sinks and the highest-quality parts are integrated throughout the model to deliver audio experiences of a lifetime.

Like the CD-S300, the A-S300 features Yamaha's Pure Direct technology for uncompromising natural sound reproduction. It also integrates the company's acclaimed ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) with ART base chassis construction that fully protects audio signals from noise and distortion caused by vibration.

A subwoofer output lets users add stronger bass response for extra sonic punch. The A-S300 has Continuously Variable Loudness Control that lets users turn down the volume without diminishing the optimum frequency response for audiophile listening.

Compatible with Yamaha's optional YDS-12 wired and YID-W10 yAired docks, this model delivers the best possible sound from iPods and iPhones by leveraging the docks' independent power supplies, resulting in a higher signal-to-noise ratio. The A-S300 also utilizes a balanced system to receive the signal from the iPod/iPhone, which further reduces voltage noise for higher sound quality.

The A-S300 includes a newly designed slim and ergonomic remote control that offers intuitive ease-of-use.

The CD-S300 CD player is currently available for an MSRP of $349.95. The A-S300 integrated amplifier will be available in October for an MSRP of $379.95.

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division, P.O. Box 6660, Buena Park, CA 90620; telephone (714) 522-9105; or visit http://4wrd.it/HI-FICOMPONENTS.

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