Figur - The New Narrow Touch Screen Kiosk From Kiosks4business

Kiosk4Business the UK based touchscreen kiosk specialists, have created a new look, slim line Kiosk to accompany their UK manufactured range of retail kiosk machines - introducing the Figur.

For customers wishing to deploy touch screen interactive kiosks there is often a trade off between screen size (resolution) required for the application and limited space to install the kiosks. Finding a good position to place new technology in retail, reception or other environments has to be considered carefully and a bulky kiosk design does not help.

Using industrial high quality computers, Kiosks4business designers are able to select small form-factor units which enable them to create kiosk designs which are narrow and more elegant. Our designers can focus less on how to package a PC and more on designing a truly engaging kiosk.

The new Figur kiosk is one such example of incorporating stylish design with high-tech features into a small space. The brief - design a kiosk which utilises a 22in widescreen to provide high resolution for the user interface while keeping the overall width to a minimum. Like all of our kiosk designs, this includes many options such as chip & pin, bar code scanners etc all designed-in from the outset. White (or other colour) LED illumination around the outer edge further enhances the kiosk.

The 22in screen fitted to Figur has been fitted in portrait orientation and has a resolution of 1050 x 1680 pixels. This provides a good resolution for customer applications while allowing for space in the lower 3rd of the screen for on-screen-keyboards, instructions or advertising messages to appear. By positioning the keyboard in the lower 3rd of the screen it means that the on screen keyboard does not obscure your application whilst the user is making a payment or other interaction. Figur includes a multi-touch touchscreen (requires windows 7 or windows 8) for advanced feature-rich applications.

Figur is ideal for retail with integration chip & pin, receipt printer and options for 2D bar code scanner. Being a narrow design, it is easy to fit a number of Figur kiosks side by side where more than one terminal is required and while still not using too much space.

Figur uses the latest Intel processors to run your applications and choices start with the Atom N270, Core2Duo or faster platforms depending on what is needed. The software can lock-down your website to one (or more) sites and the kiosk can automatically switch itself on and off each day!

The front face provides a good area for branding which can be applied using vinyl wrap to allow for updates to the branding. Alternatively, Electro-luminescent surfaces can be applied to the front face to really give the kiosk extra appeal. Kiosks4business designers work with our customer and can provide examples of branding using your logo and our 3d computer models.

For more details about the new Figur kiosk please visit our website

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