Entropic Communications Highlights Next-Gen Connected Home Platform Solutions at IBC2012; Bridging More Content to the Consumer by Advancing Global Pay-TV Operators' Transition to Hybrid Broadcast and IP Video Distribution

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 13, 2012 -- Entropic Communications, Inc.

(Nasdaq:ENTR), a world leader in semiconductor solutions for the connected
home, will highlight 'what's new and next' in connected home entertainment
delivery at the upcoming IBC2012 in Amsterdam, September 7-11, 2012.

Internet streaming continues to grow at a rapid clip, according to the
Digital Entertainment Group (DEG). The home entertainment industry group
reported consumer spending on home entertainment rose 1.4 percent during the
first six months of the year, to more than $8.4 billion, compared with $8.3
billion for the same period a year ago.
Video-on-Demand (cable, satellite) grew 11.6 percent over the same period in
2011, while Internet streaming subscriptions reached triple digit growth
with a 430 percent increase.

With the anticipated video streaming growth rates, Entropic is well
positioned to help global Pay-TV operators' transition to hybrid and IP
video distribution -- from bringing content into the home to streaming
HTML5 and advanced graphics content with open standards set-top boxes
(STBs) running over the fastest whole-home network with a MoCA(R) 2.0
(Multimedia over Coax) home network.

At IBC2012, Entropic will demonstrate the power, flexibility and performance
of its platform solutions to bridge and deliver high definition (HD) and
multimedia content to the consumer. Located in the private meeting suite
G106/107, the Company will highlight:

-- TV Everywhere: Today's entertainment marketplace provides an abundance
of options for receiving content and Entropic's portfolio of open
standard STB solutions including videoconferencing, transcoding and
MoCA backbone solutions help bridge content to the screen of the viewer's
choice. Remote user interface clients enable operator based look and
feel in IP client devices while MoCA + Wi-Fi extenders help link
broadcast content to tablets and smart phones. Entropic's
demonstration allows you to watch TV everywhere and on any device.

-- Internet Channel: In addition to traditional broadcast medium, HD
media content is widely available via Internet sources. Entropic will
highlight several ways Internet-based content can provide rich
entertainment experiences:

-- Operator based applications on gaming platforms

-- Over-the-top solutions such as Netflix, LoveFilm and the BBC's iPlayer

-- Peer to peer video conferencing overlay leveraging powerful open
standards STB solutions

-- High-speed data exchange to and from the Cloud

-- Retail MoCA adapters to enable consumers to construct high-speed
networking backbones to handle parallel consumption of the new
content channels

-- Media Processing: Entropic will show its technical capability to run
next-generation HTML5 consumer applications from an Entropic-based
set-top box over a MoCA 2.0 home network. The demonstration will
highlight the ease at which HD content can be transcoded to enable
content bridging from the MoCA backbone to tablet devices via a
connected MoCA/Wi-Fi adapter. Additionally, leveraging an open
standard software stack running on the Linux operating system, Entropic will
show an innovative dual-mode 'proof of concept' set-top box demo that
allows Pay-TV operators to add an Android(R) platform to a legacy

-- Sat-to-Screen: Demonstrating capabilities for bringing satellite
content to the home, Entropic's end-to-end solution provides the means to
implement home architectures from a pure-play product line. Entropic's
Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) outdoor unit (ODU) solution captures
and distributes the satellite signal on a single wire throughout the
home while Entropic's STB SoC powers full-featured content consumption
experiences. Additionally, Entropic will discuss how its recently
acquired digital channel stacking switch (dCSS) assets provide a path
to future DBS ODU technologies, including laying the foundation for

-- Broadband Access and MoCA Home Networking Performance: Entropic will
demonstrate current Broadband Access Network Controller (NC) and
Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) products bridging more than 100Mbps
WAN connectivity into a MoCA backbone for a high bandwidth home network.
In addition, Entropic will showcase a production MoCA 2.0 solution with
turbo mode performance at 500Mbps MAC throughput, as well as
demonstrate 2Gbps MAC throughput over coaxial cable for next generation access

"At IBC2012, we are showing how our platform solutions can work together to
bridge broadcast and IP multimedia content to the consumer
-- anywhere and on any device," said Dr. Anton Monk, co-founder and vice
president of Technology at Entropic Communications. "As the only pure-play
platform semiconductor company in connected home entertainment, we are
delivering a portfolio of Connectivity and STB SoC solutions that reliably
and securely deliver and process multimedia content throughout the home."

For more information on Entropic's presence at IBC2012, visit:
www.entropic.com, or visit the Company onsite at meeting suite G106/107 at
the RAI Amsterdam.

About Entropic Communications

Entropic Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:ENTR) is a leading global provider of
silicon and software solutions to enable connected home entertainment. The
Company transforms how traditional HDTV broadcast and streaming video
content is seamlessly, reliably, and securely delivered, processed, and
distributed into and throughout the home.

Entropic's next-generation home connectivity and set-top box
system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions enable Pay-TV service providers to offer
consumers a more captivating whole-home entertainment experience by
delivering new, high-performing ways to connect, engage, and enjoy
multimedia content. For more information, visit Entropic at:

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