Z-Wave Takes Off in Brazil Following Approval of Frequency Band for Home and Commercial Automation

Interoperable Standard to Be Adopted in Largest South American Market; New Regional Evangelist Appointed by the Z-Wave Alliance

MILPITAS, CA, Aug 06, 2012 -- The Z-Wave Alliance, a consortium of global companies that oversees the world's largest interoperable ecosystem for wireless home control products and services, is pleased to announce the approval of the Z-Wave frequency band in Brazil, the largest consumer market in South America and the second largest economy in the western hemisphere.

The Alliance marked the occasion by the appointment of Jean Pascal De Simone as the Z-Wave Evangelist and local contact for Z-Wave in this region. Mr. De Simone is a founder of Z-Wave Tecnologia do Brasil as well as of Flex Automation, an innovator in home controls for the Brazilian market. Through Mr. De Simone's efforts and increased training and marketing initiatives around the dozens of interoperable Z-Wave products already certified for operation, Brazil is certain to take off in the home controls space, as service providers, security companies, utilities and home and business owners discover the power of Z-Wave solutions.

"We're thrilled to create this role for Jean Pascal De Simone within the Z-Wave ecosystem and family," said Mark Walters, Chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. "At a time when home automation was relatively unknown in Brazil, Jean was early to discover the potential of Z-Wave, and brought the first Z-Wave enabled devices to Brazil. His experience in home control's related sectors of lighting, engineering and manufacturing spans 20 years and four continents. We believe that Jean Pascal is the perfect choice to bring Z-Wave's benefits to the awareness of this very exciting market."

Says De Simone, "I'm so proud of being chosen as Z-Wave Evangelist for Latin America; it is a recognition of 10 years of hard work creating awareness of this amazing technology. Z-Wave is finally everywhere, and it is my honor and duty to share my cumulative experience with other Alliance members, and help new members in their start-ups. Brazil has such a huge potential in home automation, power metering and home security, which are now being explored by companies from all over the world that are eager to invest in our market."

The response from the Brazilian market so far regarding Z-Wave has been overwhelming. As a result, Z-Wave Alliance member Sigma Designs is holding an Introduction to Z-Wave Fundamentals training at the Predial Tec 2012 Expo being held in Sao Paolo, Brazil August 7-9, for which registration is overflowing. Sigma Design's Bent Sorensen will be sharing some of Z-Wave's success in North America with the audience and making a specific presentation: How Wireless Z-Wave Ties Home Automation, Monitoring, Security and Energy Management Together. The presentation will be shared at the at Congresso Habitar, August 9, from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM.

About Z-Wave Technology: Z-Wave is an international wireless standard for intelligent, interoperable, low-power, RF mesh networking technology. This powerful smart chip and compact protocol enable two-way RF communications amongst Z-Wave enabled devices, thus allowing products and services from multiple manufacturers to work seamlessly. Z-Wave continues to be the technology of choice for industry leaders representing: Home Automation, Remote Home/Health Monitoring, Home Entertainment, Smart Home Control, Energy Management and Connected Home Services. Z-Wave enabled products represent the world's largest ecosystem of interoperable smart products. www.z-wave.com

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