SunBriteTV Offers $250 Cash Rebate on Outdoor TV Installations

Buy any SunBriteTV during the Endless Summer Promotion in August and September and SunBrite will kick in up to $250 cash towards the cost of installation

Moorpark, California, Aug 1, 2012 - SunBriteTV today announced its "SunBriteTV Endless Summer Promotion", offering a cash rebate of up to $250 when purchasing a SunBriteTV from an authorized dealer. All SunBriteTV's models are eligible for the offer, which runs from August 1st until September 30, 2012.

SunBriteTV offers a total of 10 US manufactured all-weather, outdoor LCD models to suit any budget, location or requirement, starting with the beautiful Signature Series of 32-, 46-, 55-, and 65-inch TVs priced from a low $1,495 M.S.R.P (3260HD). At the top end sits the Marquee Series of 47- and 55-inch models that feature 700 NIT displays and that can be placed in direct sunlight. All SunBriteTV's are engineered to resist rain, humidity, salt air, dust, insects, high reflectivity, and temperature extremes.

"A year ago, owning a true outdoor TV may have been out of the reach of a lot of people. However, with our new Signature Series, we have all-weather outdoor TVs starting as low as $1,495," said Tom Dixon, Vice President of Marketing at SunBriteTV. "By offering this installation rebate, consumers can get a SunBriteTV professionally installed with a lower out-the-door cost. There has never been a better time to own a true outdoor television."

Make this an Endless Summer by installing a true all-weather outdoor TV from SunBrite on your deck, by your pool, outdoor fireplace or barbecue area. All of SunBrite's TVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation, ensuring years of sports, movies, news and other entertainment for the whole family.

Eligible models:

Marquee Series (Direct Sunlight-Readable 700 NIT LCD, Extended Solar Tolerance, -40F to +122F)

55" DS-5507EST $6,995

47" DS-4704EST $4,995

Pro Series (Operational temperature: -40 degrees to +122 degrees F)

55" 5510HD $5,595

46" 4610HD $4,295

32" 3220HD $2,395

22" 2220HD $1,895

Signature Series (Operational temperature: -24 degrees to +122 degrees F)

65" 6560HD $5,995

55" 5560HD $3,995

46" 4660HD $2,795

32" 3260HD $1,495

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About SunBriteTV

SunBriteTV's all-weather televisions have been time-tested in home installations, outdoor sports arenas, restaurant and hotel patios and even on military vehicles participating in field operations. All models are available through SunBriteTV's network of Authorized Resellers. To inquire about becoming an Authorized Dealer, contact SunBriteTV at 866.357.8688, or visit the Reseller Inquiry page at

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