Premier Mounts Announces Efficient and Cost-Effective Updates to the LMV

Updating the design and manufacturing of the LMV will result in significant savings for customers

ANAHEIM, CALIF. (August 1, 2012) - Premier Mounts (, an internationally leading manufacturer of video wall mounts, carts & stands, and accessories, announces a more efficient and cost-effective update to the A/V industry's most popular video wall mount, the LMV. Encompassing the same high quality characteristics, the radical changes to the LMV design and manufacturing process will result in significant time and cost saving benefits.

The best selling video wall mount on the market, the LMV includes a spring-loaded locking mechanism for quick release, compact mounting arms with scissor design for smooth extension, and top-adjustable mounting brackets for seamless alignment of displays.

The new version shares components across video wall product lines, streamlining the manufacturing process. Implementing a more efficient manufacturing process and the sharing of components has lowered production costs overall, resulting in a 30% savings that Premier Mounts is passing on to their customers. Installers will also benefit from the shared component aspect, being able to reduce product training time, work more efficiently, and as a result save on installation costs.

The new design of the LMV includes an updated latch and smaller base frame size for quick and easy installation. Precision laser cut spacers also reveal an upgraded design that ensure a 100% fit and secure the spacer(s) flush with the mounts for seamless alignment without need for time consuming adjustments. Despite the significant price redcution of the mount, spacers are included at no cost with each purchase of the LMV. Customers purchasing two to four LMVs will receive a free spacer, while five or more LMVs purchased will receive two free spacers.

"The LMV redesign provides time and cost saving benefits for any video wall installation project," said Tiffany Dozier, Vice President of Sales at Premier Mounts. "It supplies the same well-known benefits, features and high-quality design, now with greater economic efficiency for all parties involved."

The new cost-saving benefits of the LMV will go into effect August 1, 2012 with a new list price of $779.

For more information on the LMV please contact customer service at (800) 368-9700 or visit

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