Indy Audio Labs Hires Industry Veteran John Caldwell to lead Aragon and Acurus US Sales.

Upstart American Supplier Indy Audio Labs Making Big Moves with New Products and Personnel

INDIANAPOLIS - Indy Audio Labs, LLC, an Indianapolis, IN based company that designs and

manufactures the Aragon and Acurus brands of entertainment electronics recently announced the
hiring of John Caldwell as Vice President, U.S. Sales.

Caldwell has been responsible for building some of the most venerable specialty brands in
consumer electronics. He has served in key executive sales and marketing positions in 12 Volt
electronics with Audiomobile, a/d/s/, Kenwood USA, and Curtco's Car Sound magazine. In the
late 1990's Caldwell broadened his market expertise within home audio/theater and custom
installation with Curtco's Home Theater and CASTLE magazines. He also served as Vice
President, Sales and Marketing for McIntosh Labs in Binghamton, New York. Through the
founding of his own companies in 2000, John successfully brought several new luxury class AV
brands to North America, all of which have helped bring the all-important interior design
community into the fold for dealers. Caldwell will continue to own and manage his own
company, Grace Motif, Inc concurrent with his responsibilities at IAL.

According to Indy Audio Labs (IAL) CEO and co-founder, Rick Santiago, "John joins us at a
time in our company history with two highly-regarded made-in-US brands, Aragon and Acurus,
successfully re-launched. Our biggest challenge now is to grow our distribution and tell our
story. These products have been engineered to be market-leading in value and control
capabilities and they're built right here in Indiana. John's industry connections and extensive
experience in high-end specialty brand growth will provide us with the strong sales leadership
we'll need to become a leading player in modern, high-performance home entertainment

Caldwell states, "I'm excited about IAL's talented team, strong brands, and innovative
technology roadmap. It's a great story and a solid company. We are targeting the development of
smart high fidelity system solutions that fully leverage all of today's technology with seamless
control to fuel our growth. Our Signature dealers can expect an aggressive business support
program that will help to ensure their position as experts in the markets we serve."

Indy Audio labs is now shipping it's line of two, five and seven-channel Acurus high-power,
networked amplifiers as well as the first mono block and two-channel amps from Aragon, all
featuring onboard web-server-based networking capability. IAL will be exhibiting its new
products in booth 1131 at CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, IN on September 5-8, 2012.
Aragon and Acurus sales inquiries from U.S. retailers, electronics systems contractors, or sales
reps should be directed to John Caldwell at or through the
main sales address

Sales inquiries from distributors, retailers, and electronics systems contractors located outside the
U.S. should be directed to Indy Audio Labs International rep firm, American Tradco, via
Sheldon Combs at American Tradco

About Indy Audio Labs LLC
Founded in late 2008 by Rick Santiago and Ted Moore, Indy Audio Labs designs and
manufactures audio and video electronics under the Aragon and Acurus brand names. Rick
Santiago is the company's CEO. Aragon and Acurus were originally established by Mondial
Designs in the mid-eighties and have, over time, established a world-wide reputation for
providing a unique combination of American-made high-end A/V performance at a sensible cost
for enthusiasts and sound professionals alike. Indy Audio Labs are members in good standing of

Richard J. Santiago, (866) 559-5113,
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