Cinemar Releases MainLobby 4 Suite

Cinemar is proud to announce the release of the latest generation of their Home Automation and Media Management software. The new software suite covers the entire spectrum of automation for home and business environments.

What's New in Version 4?

• MLServer has been completely rewritten from the ground up using Microsoft .Net and SQL Server. Resulting in tremendous advances in performance and stability.
• The new "Family Manager" provides for a central location for defining all the physical devices that are being automated. You no longer have to hunt and peck inside dozens of software modules to configure the system.
• Greatly simplified software licensing structure. You no longer have to purchase and license individual device drivers. You now only have to purchase a license for the "Family" and then you are free to install any device drivers within the family.
• Enhanced Installation Assistant. Now you can install all of our software from one central program. The latest versions of all of our software is always available for download.
• MLServer's built in web server has been streamline and enhanced to support advanced web based applications.
• MLServer can now be remotely controlled from any third party controller using the new Telnet interface.
• The new MainLobby designer for mobile devices allows anyone to create stunning interfaces for all Apple iOS and Android tablets and phones.
• Never struggle to know what the command syntax for MLServer. The new Command Builder wizard in MLServer and the Designer will guide you through the most complicated commands with ease.
• DVDLobby 4 now supports all the most popular media players. Catalog and play all your favorite Blu-Rays, DVDs and movies using a beautiful movie browser displaying high-resolution movie artwork and fan art images.
• MusicLobby 4 now supports audio files in all the popular audio file formats. Control up to sixteen individual stereo zones of music. Enough for the entire family and friends.
• If you're a Netflix customer our new Netflix app will let you browse and watch the entire Netflix catalog from your easy chair.
• If you like listening to radio then the new Internet Radio, SiriusXM and Pandora radio apps will allow you to play back multiple radio streams throughout your entire home.
• The new Content Manager allows anyone to manage media selections from any PC or Laptop on the network. You never have to touch the server to add movies, music, radio stations or even your favorite recipes. Import or add all your media with ease.
• The new AV Agent allows you to set up any PC in your house as a remote music and movie player. Turn every room in your house into its own media room and control it from any location. If you like to make backup copies of your DVDs and Blu-Rays then take advantage of the new "Drop and Backup" feature built into the AV Agent. Drop your media into the drive and let the AV Agent automatically copy and catalog the media.
• Integration with other third party automation controllers like HAI and Mi Casa Verde brings all the features of those controllers under the graceful control of our MainLobby software.
• Don't worry about having to spend a lot of time getting the system working. All the Version 4 MainLobby sample scenes have been rewritten so that everything works out of the box with very little configuration.
• Cinemar added new device drivers for dozens of third party products. Vantage, Lutron, RCS, GE Security, Denon, Marantz, Somfy are just a few of the new drivers. More are being released every day.
• MainLobby Designer also has a new improved user interface. Larger windows, faster scene updates, improved performance, multi-selection tool, delete multiple objects, independent Design and Player resolutions, lots of new Library Objects, new color selector are just some of the new capabilities.
• Hundreds of feature enhancements that dramatically increase reliability. And so much more are now available in the MainLobby 4 Suite.

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