Polycom Expands Its Ecosystem to Nearly 7,000 Partners to Deliver the Most Complete Solutions for Open, Standards-Based Unified Communications Through the Polycom Partner Network

Polycom broadens and evolves global channel and alliance programs into the new Polycom Partner Network, creating a coalition of technology and channel partners who work together to create and deliver open and interoperable communications solutions----- Company introduces new 'Polycom Ready' and 'Polycom Powered' branding for technology partners integrating or embedding Polycom software in their devices, products, or software applications----- New developer program for ISVs to leverage Polycom open APIs and SDKs to create solutions that integrate or interoperate with the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform----- Redesigned partner portal PolycomConnect, helps partners quickly find the resources they need to succeed

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), the global leader in open standards-based unified communications, today launched the Polycom Partner Network, which coalesces all previous partner programs into a single, unified global partner framework for Polycom's ecosystem of approximately 7,000 channel and alliance partners. As part of the Polycom Partner Network, Polycom has launched a new developer program to enable ISVs to leverage Polycom APIs (application programming interfaces) and SDKs (software development kits); and "Polycom Ready" and "Polycom Powered" branding for technology partners integrating or embedding Polycom software in their devices, products, or software applications.

Polycom Partner Network partners embrace and extend Polycom's open, standards-based video collaboration solutions and together deliver the most complete video collaboration solutions available to more than 400,000 Polycom customers. Through the Polycom Partner Network, technology providers, ISVs, solution advisors, integrators, service providers, and other valued partners can easily address the multi-faceted needs of today's organizations that are using face-to-face video collaboration to improve productivity, engagement, time-to-market, business continuity, as well as for unique applications across various vertical industries. Meeting this challenge requires not only Polycom's close collaboration with partners, but often extends throughout the lifecycles of multi-vendor solutions, from building in open standards-based interoperability during design to implementing customized solutions to support specific industry use cases such as telemedicine or distance learning. With this evolution of its partner ecosystem, Polycom is expanding its leadership in open standards-based unified communications to make it easier to deliver multi-vendor UC solutions that meet the unique needs of every customer.

"The sophisticated nature of today's enterprise communications infrastructure, combined with the need to deliver communications solutions to employees or users who may be on-the-go, at home, or in the office in any number of work environments, requires Polycom and our partners to collaborate closely to deliver true unified communications solutions," said Tracey Newell, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Polycom. "The new Polycom Partner Network broadens our global partner ecosystem so that partners can focus on what they do best, and easily find and collaborate with the right partners in our ecosystem to deliver complete and customized unified communications and video collaboration solutions for every customer, worldwide. Our vision at Polycom is to make video collaboration ubiquitous, and we believe the Polycom Partner Network is critical to making this vision a reality."

Seven New Partner Categories in the Polycom Partner Network

In evolving and combining its existing partner initiatives under a single, cohesive effort, the Polycom Partner Network establishes seven partner segments to better align to partners' and customers' specific needs:

*Polycom Strategic Alliances - Global industry leaders committed to open, standards-based solutions leveraging Polycom® RealPresence® solutions to deliver integrated universal video collaboration with committed go-to-market and joint business plans.

*Polycom Technology Partners - Independent hardware, software, or vertical market companies committed to teaming with Polycom on product development or go-to-market relationships. These solutions improve the customer experience and create unique value for Polycom solutions.

*Polycom Developers - Programmatic relationships with ISVs who offer complementary solutions that use industry standards or APIs/SDKs to integrate with the Polycom RealPresence Platform - the most comprehensive software infrastructure for universal video collaboration.

*Polycom Distributors - Partners who provide value-added services to solution advisors in sales, order management, marketing, fulfillment, and technical support. They offer warehousing, transport, financing, training, and other benefits to Polycom resellers.

*Polycom Solution Advisors - VARs and resellers that serve customers from project concept to installation through on-going support and management. They evaluate customer needs, specifying the mix of Polycom solutions to meet project requirements and objectives.

*Polycom System Integrators - "General contractors" who help design, plan, integrate, and deploy open UC solutions that meet the business needs of customers. Polycom System Integrators provide value-added total solutions with products and services from several third-party suppliers, including Polycom.

*Polycom Service Providers - Partners who own a physical network and/or lease transport to support their primary business of selling carrier network services and driving additional use through managed, hosted solutions, or Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) solutions.

Companies within these seven categories encompass members of Polycom's previous partner programs, including the Polycom Open Communications Network (POCN), ARENA, and the award-winning Choice Partner Program.

New branding tools and partner portal

Increasingly, Polycom partners are integrating or embedding Polycom RealPresence software (e.g., the Edison award-winning Polycom® RealPresence® Mobile) in their devices, products or software applications. To help partners market this to their customers or end-users, Polycom unveiled new "Polycom Ready" and "Polycom Powered" branding. A number of companies are already "Polycom Ready" and "Polycom Powered" partners, including HP, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, Samsung, and many others.

"Polycom Ready" identifies partner devices, network devices, and software applications that are interoperable with Polycom software solutions and applications on the Polycom RealPresence Platform.

The "Polycom Powered" logo designates partner solutions that integrate or embed Polycom applications or technologies.

Polycom also launched a completely retooled portal - PolycomConnect for Partners - designed to make it easier for partners to rapidly locate resources, engage support, and assemble winning solutions by identifying other best-of-breed providers across Polycom's ecosystem. For more information on the Polycom Partner Network, to find a partner, or join the Polycom Partner Network, visit http://www.polycom.com/partners/index.html

About Polycom

Polycom is the global leader in open standards-based unified communications (UC) solutions for telepresence, video, and voice powered by the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform. The RealPresence Platform interoperates with the broadest range of business, mobile, and social applications and devices. More than 400,000 organizations trust Polycom solutions to collaborate and meet face-to-face from any location for more productive and effective engagement with colleagues, partners, customers, specialists, and prospects. Polycom, together with its broad partner ecosystem, provides customers with the best total cost of ownership, interoperability, scalability, and security for video collaboration, whether on-premises, hosted, or cloud-delivered. Visit www.polycom.com

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