Procella Audio Introduces the P6V High Performance Tall Profile Main/Surround Channel Speaker

High output, compact L/C/R and Surround loudspeaker is designed for small to medium size home cinemas and professional screening and post/mix rooms ----- Delivers performance identical to the Procella P6 in a tall profile enclosure ----- 1 inch high-frequency compression driver on a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide ensures extremely wide dynamic range with precise dispersion ----- High-output 6.5 inch woofer driver tuned for use with 80 Hz THX crossover ----- The original P6 remains available in the Procella lineup ----- Speaker is shipping now worldwide

Sollentuna, Sweden and Venice, Calif. - July 9, 2012 - Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-output speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced today the introduction of a new main and surround channel speaker, the P6V. This two-way L/C/R and surround channel speaker employs pro audio components that enable it to produce playback levels and dynamic range exceeding the capabilities of conventional speakers using dome tweeters. These components include a 1 inch high frequency compression driver mounted on a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide, a high-output 6.5 inch woofer and a Procella Identical Voice™ crossover. With a U.S. MSRP of $1,599 each, the P6V is now shipping to Procella dealers and distributors worldwide.

"The P6V brings a new form factor to the Procella speaker lineup," said Procella partner Chuck Back. "Using the identical components as our highly successful P6 main/surround speaker, the tall profile of the P6V gives integrators and home cinema enthusiasts a more traditional American look, with a narrow width that enables the speaker to be concealed in architectural columns when used as a surround channel speaker. Delivering the same performance as the original P6, the P6V is a compact high-performance speaker that is an ideal L/C/R speaker in small to medium rooms, as well as a surround in all but the largest
home theaters."

Reflecting Procella's design philosophy of achieving full dynamic range playback of 24bit/96KHz program material at reference level, the P6V uses a very high output 6.5 inch woofer driver and a 1 inch compression driver for high frequencies. It produces THX cinema reference-level playback (105dB continuous) at listening distances equivalent to the requirements for THX Ultra home cinema speakers, and does so without dynamic compression in the highs. This enables the speaker to be used a main or surround channel speaker in small to medium sized home cinemas and professional audio environments. Its bass extension meets the requirements for the 80 Hz Home THX standard subwoofer crossover point.

In sharp contrast to the vast majority of home theater loudspeakers, particularly in this price category, the P6V uses a professional audio compression driver in place of the commonlyused dome tweeter for the reproduction of high frequencies. Dome tweeters work well in small rooms and limited dynamic range material, but can suffer from output limitations, dynamic compression and limited coverage when used in medium to large theaters with multiple seats. Compression drivers have greater efficiency and power handling than dome tweeters, and can therefore produce much greater output without limitations.

A further benefit comes from Procella's proprietary constant directivity waveguide, which provides a consistent and smooth high frequency response across the listening area, in both the horizontal and vertical axes. This is a critical requirement for the achievement of good sound in every seat of a theater with multiple seats per row. Another sonic benefit of the waveguide, in comparison to high-output speakers that use horns, is that it eliminates the honky coloration associated with horns. The P6V's controlled high frequency dispersion ensures dialog intelligibility, good imaging and smooth frequency response for all listeners, regardless of where they are seated in the room.

Using Procella's proprietary Identical Voice design, the P6V achieves a precise timbre match when it is used in combination with any other Procella speaker system, regardless of whether it is used as a main speaker or a surround speaker.

The P6V's compact size (18.5"/470mm high x 11.4"/290mm wide) and shallow depth (4.9"/125mm) make the speaker ideal for wall mount placement, either as a surround speaker, main speaker next to a flat-panel display, or behind an acoustically transparent screen.

About Procella Audio
Manufactured in Sweden and distributed globally, with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Stockholm, Procella Audio was launched in 2006 by two former Directors of DTS Europe, who created the first Procella speaker system for a 32 seat preview theater at the DTS Europe headquarters outside London. Procella loudspeakers deliver a powerful and dynamic cinema audio experience for the world's finest home cinemas, professional studios and screening rooms. For more information, please visit

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