Vivint's Home Automation System Protects Families of Deployed Members of the Military

Remote Access to Vivint's Home Automation System Enables Service Members to Access and Monitor Their Home and Family at Any Time from Anywhere----- Vivint to Make $7,500 Donation to Wounded Warrior Project

PROVO, Utah--As the nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day and honor its service members, Vivint is proud to help protect the families of deployed military members who are currently protecting the country.

Vivint™, the largest home automation services company in North America, offers affordable home automation solutions that provide users fully customizable options that can be tailored to best fit individual needs. Everything from motion detectors to video surveillance to automatic door locks is connected through Vivint's home automation system, and that level of comprehensive security brings peace of mind to service members while they are away from home.

"It's scary for the ones who deploy to know that when they are away, their family is home without them," said Sharla Hodges, a Vivint customer from Hahira, Georgia, whose husband, Brandon, is a jet engine mechanic in the military. "I know it reassured Brandon that he could check on us whenever he wanted, and that we had such a great system to protect us while he was gone."

Features of Vivint's system can be accessed remotely, letting deployed service members control and monitor their system from anywhere at any time. Using the Vivint app on a compatible mobile device or from a computer, members of the military can check door locks, receive customized alerts and even view a real-time video feed from the security cameras no matter where they are stationed.

"When I was deployed, it was great to be able to check in on the house and on my family to make sure they were all doing okay while I was away," added Brandon. "With the camera feature, it was especially nice that I could hop on and see the kids playing around the house. The fact that I was so far away but could still stay connected to my family and see firsthand that they were always safe was a great comfort to me personally, and I think it comforted my wife too."

"Sometimes just hearing my voice is enough to keep my husband going," said Jodi Hunter, a Vivint customer from Belleville, Ill., whose husband is in the military. "We loved being able to use our cameras when he was deployed and on special assignment. It makes him feel like he's still part of the day-to-day activities at our home. Even though we never know how we're going to spend the next anniversary or holiday, Vivint is easing this burden on us in a big way. We feel that this system is bringing us closer together."

In recognition of the service of America's military members, Vivint is proud to make a $7,500 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, a national, nonpartisan organization that honors and empowers wounded warriors. Vivint will also sponsor 12 families to attend the Freedom's Families inaugural Independence Day retreat, designed to help veterans and their families overcome the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

"We are proud to support our military, and to give back for all they have given this country," said Josh Houser, Vivint's vice president of service and inside sales. "We take a great amount of pride in the fact that members of the military have come to rely on Vivint to help protect their homes and loved ones while they are stationed in the field, and we will continue to offer the best services possible to give them the peace of mind they deserve."

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