The Total Control range encompasses everything from network system controllers, network switches, multi-zone audio amplifiers, streaming network players, security cameras and keypads

Amber International is delighted to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated URC Total Control range which combines a series of products to create a whole home automation system.

URC has previously been known as a remote control company. With considerable experience in the residential CI market, the company has designed a range of quality yet affordable LAN based home automation products.

The Total Control range encompasses everything from network system controllers, network switches, multi-zone audio amplifiers, streaming network players, security cameras and keypads. Working together, these products can be used to create a simple or complex home automation system which comprises of audio, video, lighting, security and HVAC.

With this URC approach, homeowners can control up to 32 different zones within the property, with a variety of control options available for every room.

This new range is available through Amber's territorial distributors, including Excel in Italy, Avero in Ukraine, TR Electronic Services in Israel, BMB in Benelux and AWE in the UK.
Total Control App

URC has developed Total Control Mobile - a fully functional App for the iPhone and iPad which allows complete access to the Total Control system. It provides an experience similar to that of the TKP-2000 touchscreen and offers support for third party modules. This App supports the range of URC touch screens and controllers and is an extra solution which dealers are requesting. A sales demo of the app is now available from iTunes as a free download. To use the app with Total Control, the MRX-10 requires a license which will support limitless iDevices.

MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller
This controller is the brains behind the whole Total Control system.

Just one MRX-10 system controller is required for each project. All commands, instructions and information are routed through this unit to the Total Control system.

URC's rack-mountable MRX-10 stores and issues commands and macros to eight IR ports, four RS-232 devices, two relays, all IP and four sensor controlled devices in one system. The sensors can actively monitor the power status of a device and execute a command or macro when the status changes. Providing 2-way communication with Total Control remotes and keypads, it is expandable via LAN to up to 32 MRX-series sub-base stations. With internet access, the installer can program or update the entire system from their office.

It is possible to extend control over specific components to other locations in the home by adding MRX controllers. The flexibility of combining various elements of the fully integrated Total Control system assures compatibility between virtually every type of AV component on the market.
DMS Amplifiers

The Total Control DMS amplifiers allow audio to be streamed throughout the home. URC uses ground-breaking 'network streaming media' technology that delivers CD-quality sound which hasn't been compressed or converted. It also delivers exact synchronisation between adjoining rooms.

The DMS Series of products integrate easily with the MRX controller to provide two way metadata feedback on all graphic interfaces and eliminates the need for a conventional analogue matrix.

The DMS-1200 is an eight zone digital amplifier with 50 watts per channel for zones 1 through to 6, and pre-amp for zones 7 and 8. Expandable up to 32 zones, this amplifier has four analogue to digital inputs that stream to other DMS amps. Meanwhile, the DMS-100 is a single zone amplifier which allows for audio to be added to any additional room in the property.

For those who prefer in-wall touch screens, URC has developed the stylish TKP-2000 Network keypad. This 3.5" graphic touch screen offers complete metadata feedback for all compatible products colour screen with two way communication for IP and RS-232 control. This system includes programmable backlit buttons that turn on and off with power. Needing just a single Cat5 cable for installation, it communicates via wired LAN and can be programmed off the premises via the internet. This provides the end user with fantastic customer service, with remote updates available from the installer. IP thermostats and cameras can be easily added through pre-built modules.
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URC is the leading control brand in America. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Harrison, N.Y., URC has sold more than 50 million remote controls in the last 10 years alone. A world leader in high-quality control design, engineering, manufacture and distribution, URC is widely regarded as a category innovator by consumers, subscription broadcast providers, retailers, custom installers and OEM partners. URC has built its reputation by delivering exceptional levels of quality, training, reliability and support to its customers. Visit URC at

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