"Ultimate License for KNX IP BAOS 771/772" - Efficient Tool for KNX Installations

iRidium Mobile Ltd. offers you an efficient tool for your KNX installations - "Ultimate License for KNX IP BAOS 771/772".

iRidium Mobile offers you an efficient tool for your KNX installations - "Ultimate License for KNX IP BAOS 771/772".

This license allows you to control your KNX installation from an UNLIMITED number of various control panels (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Windows XP/7) without any additional software and/or equipment.

Note: Ultimate license is bound to the serial number of the KNX IP BAOS router. Due to the characteristic features of KNX IP BAOS you can control up to 10 devices with stable connection SIMULTENIOUSLY.



It's just plain common sense:
The cost of "Ultimate License for KNX IP BAOS" (license for any number of control panels) - $700
The average cost of "Base License for KNX" (license for one control panel) - $200
Thus, it is COST-EFFICIENT to use Ultimate licenses in the projects which require 4 or more control panels.


Let's compare:
When using Base License you have to go through the licensing procedure for every control panel.For Ultimate licenses you go through the licensing procedure ONLY ONCE! Even if you want to add new control panels you DON'T NEED to repeat the procedure!

Allows you to control any AV equipment from the UNLIMITED number of control panels

Almost all projects include some kind of AV equipment. "Ultimate License for KNX IP BAOS" gives you the opportunity to control any AV equipment from the same control panels you control your KNX system.

Can be transferred from one router to another COST FREE

If you need to change your KNX IP BAOS router, we can transfer your Ultimate License to the new router COST FREE.

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