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Discretix Content Protection Solutions Incorporated in Qualcomm's Snapdragon StudioAccess™ Technology

Extensive Collaboration Delivers Robust, TrustZone-Partitioned DRM and Link Protection Solutions to Mobile and Home Entertainment Devices

SAN DIEGO--Discretix, the leading global provider of field proven content protection solutions, today announced that its DRM and Link Protection solutions have been incorporated in Qualcomm's Snapdragon StudioAccess™ technology.

Through close collaboration, the companies are delivering robust, hardware-assisted protection of premium content for home entertainment and mobile devices utilizing the Snapdragon platform's TrustZone-based security framework. This tightly integrated solution transforms any mobile device into a personal media center with the ability to securely share and view premium content. The joint offering is already deployed on leading smartphones such as the Samsung GALAXY SIII and the HTC One series.

Stringent studio security requirements mandate that premium content viewed on a mobile device be protected by robust DRM and content streamed over Wi-Fi Display or DLNA from a mobile device to a large format display must be secured using link protection. The Qualcomm platforms include Discretix' hardware assisted Microsoft PlayReady DRM and CPRM. Inter-device content sharing is protected using HDCP and DTCP-IP respectively. The Discretix hardware-assisted solutions increase security and improve user experience by utilizing the local platform's available TrustZone based Trusted Execution Environment and security modules such as secure storage, cryptographic engines, secure boot and secure content path.

"Discretix is a lead partner in the Snapdragon StudioAccess™ ecosystem offering highly optimized and robust content protection solutions," said Raj Talluri, senior vice president of product management at Qualcomm. "Studios, service providers and device manufacturers can take advantage of these solutions - pre-integrated on Snapdragon processors - to accelerate the deployment of premium video services."

"Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform offers an excellent infrastructure for secure consumption of premium content on mobile devices," said Coby Sella, CEO of Discretix. "The joint offering is an important milestone in the widespread availability of hardware assisted content protection solutions leveraging our experience. Working together with Qualcomm we were able to help OEM customers to meet aggressive timelines in compliance with stringent security requirements of major Hollywood studios."

About Discretix

Discretix' security solutions are deployed in a wide range of consumer electronics devices enabling services and applications, while protecting the device and its contents. Discretix' products include embedded security co-processors and a broad range of security applications. The solutions are tightly integrated into the device, enhancing security without compromising the user experience. Discretix, a privately-owned company, serves the needs of some of the world's best-known semiconductor and device manufacturers and has been consistently ranked among the leaders of the embedded security market. For more information, please visit

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