SRS Labs Wins Prestigious TechAmerica Innovations Award for Multi-Dimensional Audio (MDA) Platform

Multi-Dimensional Audio (MDA) is the First Open Standard Surround Sound Platform That Mixes Audio for Four Dimensional Space Rather Than for Traditional Channel Configurations

SANTA ANA, Calif.--SRS Labs (NASDAQ:SRSL), the industry leader in surround sound, audio enhancement, and voice post-processing technologies, announced today that its Multi-dimensional Audio™ (MDA™), a revolutionary new, end-to-end object based audio platform, won the award for the most innovative new software technology at this year's TechAmerica Association's High-Tech Innovations Awards ceremony held on June 14, 2012.

"We are honored by TechAmerica's recognition of our achievement. As with most innovations, MDA was born in a brainstorming session just under three years ago. Within a week, we refined the idea and began working on researching and developing the concept non-stop," said Alan Kraemer, Chief Technology Officer, SRS Labs. "By CES 2012, we presented a complete proof of concept demonstration and started an advanced beta testing program in March. Last month, we took a jaw-dropping real-life demonstration of content mastered in MDA to several leading Hollywood studios, press, and CE manufacturers around the globe, successfully showcasing the power, flexibility and refinement of the technology."

Conceptualized and developed by SRS Labs with the cooperation and advice of industry partners, MDA is a complete end-to-end audio platform that is built on a foundation of object-based audio. Breaking free of the decades old "channel based" audio paradigm, MDA allows content creators to create, maintain and deliver three dimensional positional data with soundtrack elements in a no-compromise multi-dimensional audio space that includes height, depth and width and behavior over time, rather than standard planar (2D) speaker configurations such as 5.1 and 7.1. Since MDA is not channel based, there is no restriction or mandate on the number of speakers or the rendering method that can be used to represent a multi-dimensional audio soundscape. Yet, MDA program playback easily maps to any number of speakers in any configuration a listener may have, from stereo, to 11.1 and beyond and supports advance spatial rendering techniques as well.

"SRS was a finalist in four categories at this year's TechAmerica Awards ceremony, more than any other company nominated for awards, principally as a result of our passion for audio and our relentless efforts to perfect our understanding of the human auditory system and inventing new techniques and technologies that can further improve people's listening and entertainment experience," added Allen H. Gharapetian, Senior Vice President of Marketing, SRS Labs. "Winning this award serves as validation for the countless hours and efforts put forth by all parties involved in the development of MDA and reaffirms SRS' position as an innovator and leader within the audio industry."

In addition to winning the award for best software category, SRS Labs' president and CEO, Tom Yuen, was presented with a lifetime achievement award for his decades of extraordinary contributions to the high-technology industry.

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