Jackson Systems: It's a Family Affair

CEO give a look inside running the family business

INDIANAPOLIS - CEO and founder of Jackson Systems, Tom Jackson, discussed the benefits and challenges of running a family business on the BlogTalkRadio show, "Everything Entrepreneur." The feature highlights what Tom thinks has made his family business a success.

Tom and his father, Ron, started Jackson Systems in 1997. Their company designs and manufactures commercial and residential zone control products, thermostats, relays, building automation systems and other custom HVAC controls. Tom, his mother, father and brother all hold management positions in the company.

"We've all been extremely engaged from day one. Both my father and I work a lot of hours, a lot of Saturdays and Sundays," said Tom Jackson, CEO. "The employees understand that there is nothing we won't do, wouldn't do or haven't done in the past, whether that is sweeping floors or writing a business plan. Our employees appreciate our level of engagement and know that we are committed to making this successful."

The discussion gives listeners a chance to learn how Jackson Systems has been able to succeed as a family owned business. He offers recommendations for running a family business that include:

· Making sure you set the company up right from the start.

· Make sure ownership is clear.

· Make sure everyone knows exactly what they are responsible for and what role they play in the operations of the company.

· Be open and up front. Communication is critical.

· Know everyone's exit plans.

· Communicate business's future plans with family member who are not involved in the business.

Jackson Systems is ready to take their family business to the next level. The company has set a goal for doubling their size in the next 24 months. By playing to each other strengths, being open and honest and having a mutual understanding of expectations, Jackson Systems have made their family business a success.

Jackson Systems

Founded in 1997, Jackson Systems is celebrated as one of the fastest-growing companies in Indiana. Its mission is to provide the best-quality and most contractor-friendly control products and services in the industry. Jackson Systems serves customers worldwide as a leading direct-to-contractor zone control manufacturer and distributor. Combining the skills of its talented technical engineers and the customer service support of its sales team, Jackson Systems sets the standard for creating contractor-friendly products and available support teams to help its customers achieve success. Jackson Systems the direct choice for simple controls.

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