Asoka and Swisscom Launch myStrom to Provide Energy Management Services for Resale by Carriers in Europe and North America

Joint Venture Combines Powerline Communications Networks with Web-based Digital Living Services for Subscribers

LONDON - DIGITAL HOME WORLD SUMMIT - June 19, 2012 -Asoka Corporation, a pioneer in powerline communications (PLC) hardware and services, and Swisscom AG, Switzerland's leading telecom provider, announced today at the Digital Home World Summit in London that they have signed a joint venture agreement creating myStrom, a company that will sell "white label" residential energy management and other digital living services to telecommunications carriers for resale to consumers in Europe and North America.

Swisscom is now selling myStrom-branded home energy management in Switzerland and plans to introduce additional services in 2012 such as home monitoring, parental controls and thermostat control. Funding for myStrom came from Swisscom Ventures, the company's venture capital division.

The majority of the myStrom joint venture is owned by Swisscom and will continue to be marketed in Switzerland as an add-on service to carrier-provided broadband network services. Swisscom will benefit from having an additional revenue-generating service for its IPTV customers in Switzerland, as well as having a new source of revenue through sales throughout Europe. Asoka will receive a percentage of European sales and will benefit from supplying the adapters for all customers worldwide, opening a new sales channel for its hardware. Asoka will also gain revenue leading the sales effort in North America.

The myStrom service is based on Asoka's industry-leading PlugLine® PLC adapters, which combine high-speed home area networks with energy data collection and management capabilities through residential electrical lines. The solution needs no expensive equipment or complicated installation. Users can monitor their energy use and schedule automatic appliance on/off times through a user-friendly web-based monitoring service developed and managed by Asoka.

A demonstration video on the myStrom service is available at

"Adoption of home energy management products and services has accelerated over the past year, enabled by cloud service platforms and smartphones," said Pär Lange, investment officer for Swisscom Ventures. "By 2016 global revenues for home energy management systems and services is predicted to reach $4.3 billion. The increasing demand for energy efficiency in the home, as well as other smart home services, is a promising market for Swisscom."

"Deployment of myStrom throughout Switzerland has resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction and indicates this is the best way to bring affordable energy management to homes throughout Europe," said Andreas Martschitsch, myStrom chairman of the board and Swisscom's head of In-Home Connectivity. "Swisscom's connections as an established telecommunications provider put us in a good position to drive broad adoption of myStrom energy management services and other smart home technologies now and in the future."

"myStrom is the simplest solution on the market, both in terms of hardware installation and the cloud-based portal for energy monitoring and management," said Eric Grubel, CEO of Asoka. "myStrom is a win-win for service providers and subscribers. Providers have a new source of income that costs next to nothing to install and maintain, and subscribers have an affordable solution to save money on energy bills and create a greener home."

About Asoka

Asoka is a pioneer in powerline networking (PLN) technology that enables carriers and systems integrators to provide state-of-the-art digital living services. Theseinclude home area networks, energy management services, home monitoring andsolar system monitoring. Asoka products have been deployed in over one million locations worldwide and provide fast and flexible installation of high-speed networks by using existing electrical wiring as the network medium. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Asoka's customers include AT&T, Comcast, Swisscom, Rogers, Motorola, FairPoint, CenturyLink and Clearwire. More information about Asoka can be found at

About Swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecoms provider, with over six million mobile customers, 608,000 TV customers and 1.6 million broadband connections (retail). In 2011 the company's 20,061-strong workforce (FTEs) generated revenue of CHF 11.467 billion.

Swisscom has a presence throughout Switzerland and offers a full range of products and services for mobile, landline and IP-based voice and data communication. Massive investments in network infrastructureensure that this will remain the case in the future. With Swisscom TV, customers too have become increasingly aware of the trend towards multimedia.

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