Premier Mounts Showcases Christie® MicroTiles® Mount System

Custom designed mounting system for MicroTiles® ensures precise tile alignment, mobility and serviceability

ANAHEIM, CALIF. (May 9, 2012) - Premier Mounts (, an internationally leading manufacturer of A/V mounts, carts, stands and accessories is pleased to showcase the Christie® MicroTiles® mounting system, providing the industry's quickest installation of Christie® MicroTiles®. With MicroTiles® providing one of the most dynamic visual displays available, Premier Mounts is proud to be the provider of this versatile mounting hardware to maintain a seamless image and ensure a high level of serviceability and mobility.

The MTM-6060 is precisely designed to fully accommodate the user. It stands as a unique system, modular in design, and allows any configuration to be installed using various sized wall brackets to configure the desired layout. The system is able to install on any flat surface. Horizontal, spring-loaded leveling brackets assure a perfectly seamless fit of all MicroTiles®.

"Having a mounting system designed specifically for the Christie® MicroTiles® allows users to take full advantage of the tiles' modular and flexible design," explains Steve Pedroza, Project Manager at Premier Mounts. "The MTM is precisely designed to the features of the MicroTiles®, assuring a virtually seamless video wall display with unmatched attention to detail and full accessibility."

Patent-pending floating wall adjustment brackets are the foundation to this mounting system as they create a perfectly flat and plumb surface to begin the easy installation process. For weight and cost consideration, the multi-tile mounts allow three MicroTiles® to be pre-installed directly to the MTM-3000 mounting bracket and then raised onto the wall structure. Hooks on the back of the mounts grasp precisely onto the wall brackets and require no fine-tune adjustments.

The MTM-3000 Christie® MicroTiles® mounting bracket can mount to the wall with Premier Mounts' wall mounting structure or be easily transferred to a mobile cart or stand, such as our MTM-3141 or MTM-3242 mobile and static stand arrangements using our well-known EB- and TL-Base configurations.

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