Bringing powerful audio and video performance with increased customization capabilities to a wider audience of home theater enthusiasts for the first time

LONG BEACH, Calif. - (June 6, 2012) - Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

integrates Class D3 digital amplification into two of its flagship Pioneer®
branded receivers, the SC-1222 (7.2-channel) and SC-1522 (9.2-channel),
bringing powerful audio and video performance with increased customization
capabilities to a wider audience of home theater enthusiasts for the first
time. The receivers are built with custom installation features that offer
users and installers multi-room setup options, multiple HDMI® inputs and PC
Setup control, as well as the latest technologies including Apple's AirPlay
®, DLNA® 1.5, Windows® 7 compatibility, Internet radio and Advanced MCACC®
auto room calibration.

"Incorporating Class D3 technology into the SC-1222 and SC-1522 further
expands the choices in Pioneer receivers for our customers," said Chris
Walker, director of AV marketing and product planning for the Home
Electronics Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "Both receivers also
offer more installation flexibility, ideal for advanced custom

The Class D3 Advantage
Pioneer's Class D3 amplifier, built into the SC receivers, generates
immense power without sacrificing sound quality and performance. The
exclusive class D technology requires less energy than competitive models
yet produces more simultaneous power output, and is designed to maximize
the audio potential of uncompressed sources such as Blu-ray Disc™ titles
and high-definition audio content distributed on the Internet.

The amplifier section also uses a Direct Signal Path Design, configured
with all of its internal components to have the shortest audio signal path
possible, eliminating EMI filters, feedback loops, and current limiters
that were necessary on previous designs. This results in a reduction of
ringing distortion and noise, especially in the high frequency audio band.
The receivers can produce up to 140 Watts per channel of power with great
detail and high dynamic range.

Connectivity Options
Apple's AirPlay1, DLNA 1.5 and Bluetooth® connectivity are built into both
models for wireless access and connection, with the ability to play high
resolution FLAC and WAV music files of up to 192kHz/24-Bits. Both
receivers offer endless music entertainment with vTuner®, PANDORA® Internet
radio and access to subscription-based SiriusXM® Radio. Pioneer's Air Jam
App2, available at no charge from the Apple App Store on iPhone®, iPad®,
and iPod touch® or the iTunes® store, at, allows
connection to personal sources with its ability to pair up to four devices
simultaneously via Bluetooth and create group playlists (optional AS-BT200
Bluetooth adapter required).

· High Resolution Music Playback - The SC-1222 offers DSD (SACD DFF
Files) music file playback via the front USB connection and the
SC-1522 offers the 192kHz/32-bit asynchronous USB DAC for ultra-high
quality music file playback from a USB3-connected PC or Mac.
· MHL-Compatibility Device Connectivity - The SC-1522 features a front
Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) connection for compatible
smartphones as additional sources for audio and video entertainment.
The front-panel HDMI/MHL terminal delivers content with up to 1080p
video and 7.1-channel HD audio resolution.

Video Enhancement Capabilities
To enhance the video performance from connected sources, both receivers
convert all analog signals to digital HDMI and upscale both analog and
digital signals to 1080p resolution. The models also use Pioneer's
Advanced Video Adjust to optimize video signals by the type of display
connected and the Stream Smoother feature to enhance the picture quality of
any source downloaded from the Internet via other devices. The
incorporated Marvell® Qdeo® processor produces true 1080p/24fps video. A
4K Pass Through built in to the SC-1522 ensures consumers have the most
up-to-date technology to take advantage of advanced digital formats.

Customizable Benefits
Users have full customizable options for their home theater experience with
as many as ten different configurations (SC-1522) to create a full
5.1-channel setup with the ability to use the remaining channels for
additional zones. Both models offer entertainment options for up to three
zones, with Zone 2 providing composite video output and the ability to
handle network and USB content, and Zone 3 offering analog audio input
sources. The SC-1522 gives users the option of a dedicated Zone 2
subwoofer output in addition to the two dedicated subwoofer outputs for the
main zone.

Both models are compatible with home automation systems from Control4®,
Crestron® and Savant®. Additionally, most home theater system needs can be
tailored with the ability to control the receivers directly from portable
devices running Pioneer's iControlAV2012 App4.

To help make custom installation more convenient, the Advanced PC Setup
feature in the SC-1522 lets installers pre-configure connection settings on
a Windows-based personal computer before the actual installation process,
as well as perform read and rewrite functions to reset and adjust the
receiver from a remote location. Do-it-yourselfers can use Wiring Navi for
Windows-based PCs and the iPad, an interactive guide for wiring
connections, and the Interactive Manual application that provides a linked
two-way manual to dynamically learn about the receiver's features.

AV Processing
Pioneer SC receiver models offer the best audio and video performance
utilizing Pioneer's unmatched proprietary technologies that include
Advanced MCACC for the most accurate automatic room calibration, Auto Phase
Control Plus for real time phase matching to analyze the audio input every
30 seconds, PQLS Bit-Stream to help eliminate distortion caused by digital
bit-stream timing errors, and Virtual Speaker Modes for simulating sound
coming from various areas in a room without actual additional speakers
connected. The SC-1522 has been certified with THX® Select 2 Plus to
ensure it delivers the highest fidelity home entertainment experience.

Portable Device Control
Pioneer's iControlAV2012 App, available at no charge from the App Store on
iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or, enables control of
power on and off, volume and sound mode settings, and the ability for users
to choose and control content from Pandora internet radio, other Internet
radio stations, and music files from network-attached storage (NAS) devices
on a home network.

The app also includes Sound Explorer, which gives users the ability to set
and adjust numerous sound enhancements such as PQLS Jitter reduction,
equalizer, standing wave compensation, phase control and auto phase control
plus, tone controls, Advanced Sound Retriever® (ASR), digital noise
reduction, dialog enhancement, X-curve, Hi-Bit 24 and Virtual Modes.

The Pioneer branded SC receivers have suggested retail prices of $1,099
(SC-1222) and $1,599 (SC-1522).

About Pioneer
Pioneer's Home Electronics Division develops award-winning audio and video
home theater products including A/V receivers, Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD
players, and speakers. The company's brands include Pioneer® and Elite®.
More details can be found at

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