BenQ and Mersive Team Up to Bring Striking Image Blending Display Technology to InfoComm 2012

Companies to Demonstrate Powerful Combination of BenQ High-Brightness Projectors With Mersive's Sol Software in Multiprojector Displays

IRVINE, Calif. and DENVER, Colo. - June 5, 2012 - BenQ America Corp. and Mersive today announced that the two companies will join forces to bring cost-effective image blending display technology to InfoComm 2012 and beyond, via a joint venture merchandising plan. At InfoComm 2012, attendees will view demonstrations of multiprojector displays in a variety of formats, featuring BenQ's high-performance SH960, blue core LW61ST laser, and Joybee GP2 projectors coupled with Mersive's Sol display management software.

Mersive's Sol enables the use of clusters of small, inexpensive projectors by aligning them automatically into one high-quality, seamless image, speeding setup time and lowering maintenance costs. To provide these capabilities for large and complex public displays such as interactive floors, 360-degree domes, spheres, and other unconventional forms, expensive projectors were needed in conjunction with Mersive's software. By utilizing BenQ's cost-effective solutions, users have a much more affordable, high-performance option to fulfill a range of display needs, including data visualization, command and control, and conference rooms.

To showcase the possibilities provided by combining BenQ and Mersive display technologies, BenQ will utilize Mersive's Sol software with eight BenQ SH960 high-brightness projectors in booth C6026. For multiprojector displays, the SH960 utilizes 1080p native resolution, dual lamp design, and BrilliantColor" technology, creating the brightest and most vibrant images on any surface. With brightness of 5500 ANSI lumens, the SH960 projects brilliant images even in the presence of ambient light. During the demonstration, the projectors and software will be driving a 340-degree cylindrical surface.

"Mersive offers highly advanced image blending technology and we are excited to team up with them again at InfoComm 2012," said Lars Yoder, President at BenQ America Corp. "For integrators, the combination of BenQ and Mersive provides exceptional performance and unprecedented value. Not only are BenQ's projectors cost-effective, but Mersive's auto-calibration reduces the cost of ownership even further by eliminating the hours of maintenance required for recalibration. This makes the benefits of multiprojector displays much more accessible to clients who previously found them to be cost prohibitive."

At InfoComm 2012, Mersive will utilize four BenQ LW61ST blue core laser projectors in a 2×2 rear-projected demonstration, and an additional three in a 3×1 calibration demonstration. With its blue core light engine, the LW61ST provides an ultra-high 80,000:1 contrast ratio, while dramatically reducing costs in multi-projector displays by eliminating the need for lamp replacement completely and reducing light source power consumption by up to 90 percent.

Mersive will be utilizing six of BenQ's GP2 Mini Projectors in a curved desktop format. Based on high-efficiency 3LED illumination and DLP(R) projection technology, the light and compact palm-sized GP2 projector offers unparalleled A/V multimedia on the go. With the projector's simple plug-and-play operation and 200 ANSI lumen brightness, users can easily share HD-quality presentations, videos, photos, and games.

"BenQ has an excellent understanding of current market dynamics and the need for high performance display solutions that are cost effective and offer turnkey simplicity," said Robert Balgley, CEO of Mersive. "Their extensive line of innovative products, such as the new blue core laser projectors, makes them an ideal partner to showcase the capabilities of our Sol software."

More information about the BenQ SH960, LW61ST, and Joybee GP2 projectors is available at For more information on Mersive's Sol software, please visit

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