CommandFusion Announces Availability of CommandFusion Automation Hardware

Hardware offerings from CommandFusion complements its existing iViewer software to offer complete automation system whilst adhering to CommandFusion's core principles of reliability and openness.

Melbourne, Australia - June 5th 2012

CommandFusion announces immediate availability of its initial hardware range.
Using a DC-powered, high-speed RS485 bus known as CFLink, each device has its own processor catering for installations from a single room to entire townships with distributed intelligence and no single point of failure or complex programming.
"Traditional control systems are limited in how many control ports you can achieve cost-effectively. Our modular and inexpensive approach means the hardware can be easily expanded to suit job requirements," said Jarrod Bell, Co-Founder, CommandFusion.

CommandFusion hardware was designed for flexibility, resilience and ease of use:
The CFLink powered bus can run over 1km on standard Cat5/6 structured cabling. Products accept 9-30 volts DC thus voltage drop over long distances are well tolerated.
CF software and protocol permits ID conflicts to be resolved in seconds after units are powered up. Unique IDs for each device do not have to be set prior to installation.
On-board processor brings intelligence to each device for simplified programming and no single point of failure.

CommandFusion believes in openness: software and hardware protocols are fully published, allowing integrators to mix control systems within a job to suit their requirements and budget.

"By documenting our protocol openly and providing multiple ways to interface with our hardware, our products can be used as affordable expansion boxes to any existing control system as well as a standalone system," said Florent Pillet, Software Engineer, CommandFusion. "We are developing drivers for the major control systems as well as other popular products such as lighting systems to easily integrate them with our products."

CommandFusion's initial hardware offering includes 4-bay modular base units, in both DIN-Rail or rack-mountable forms. Modules include various relays such as solid state relays for high performance and reliability, as well as traditional IR, RS232/422/485 and flexible I/O ports.
To illustrate inexpensive scalability, just one modular unit can offer 32 individual stackable IR ports, 32 I/O ports or 16 RS232 ports. Further expansion is possible via CFLink, up to a theoretical maximum of 230 devices.

Also included in the initial product range:
IR Blaster - An infrared blaster with 270 degree spread and IR receive capabilities for macro triggering by any generic remote.
SW16 - A 16-channel custom button panel interface with 16 dimmable LED outputs and 4 additional dimmable LED outputs typically used for keypad backlighting.
CF Mini - An all-in-one unit for smaller or single room systems with a selection of the most common control options.
LAN Bridge - A powerful CFLink bridge, providing connectivity to all CFLink devices via a LAN or RS232.
IR Learner - An extremely powerful infrared learner capable of learning long IR codes such as split-system air-conditioners, as well as 455khz remotes.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2005 as GuiLink then renamed CommandFusion in 2011, the company has been selling its flagship software product (CommandFusion iViewer) for iOS since 2008. Renowned for its flexibility and versatility, iViewer is now available for both iOS and Android platforms. The company has been working on the hardware product line since 2008. With a small, dynamic and driven international team made up of individuals from the automation, software and hardware fields, CommandFusion strives to offer the best support and fastest innovation turnaround in the industry.

CommandFusion Automation Hardware is available for immediate shipping at

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