Imerge Launches The Ground-Breaking S4000 Audio Server

Highly versatile and easy to use

May 31st 2012

Cambridge, UK: In response to huge demand from AV installers, Imerge has introduced the S4000 - a sixth generation audio server that delivers premium multi-room entertainment with the emphasis firmly on high end audio performance.

Following its acquisition of the Imerge brand, Prism Sound has been developing new products to add to the brand's range of movie and music-focused entertainment servers. The S4000 perfectly combines Prism Sound's international reputation for high quality audio with Imerge's proven track record for innovation in the server market.

Highly versatile and easy to use, the S4000 offers the perfect solution to store, manage, automate and playback vast music collections in any residential or commercial environment. With five independent multi-room outputs as standard, the S4000 integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of control interface including AMX, Savant and Crestron, as well as with iPod and iPhone apps.

Archiving an existing CD or music file collection couldn't be simpler- and thanks to the S4000's integrated XiVA online music store customers can easily add to their audio collection by choosing from over 15 million songs and other audio content such as audio books and comedy performances from the comfort of their own couch.

The Prism Sound/Imerge pedigree is evident in every aspect of the S4000's design and feature set. Simple to use and intuitive, the S4000 incorporates the same sleek and stylish Graphical User Interface that has made the Award-winning Imerge MS1-HD and MS1-3D so popular with consumers. This significantly enhances users' enjoyment by providing a first-class browsing and control experience. There is also an extensive Cover Art service that automatically provides quality Cover Art images with new titles added all the time.


 A multi-lingual user interface that can be browsed in 12 languages including English, Russian, Spanis, German and Italian. More langues will be added in the future

 A built-in web browser interface viewable by any Flash-enabled web browser

 1 HDMI and four analogue audio RCA, SPIDF (electrical or optical) outputs

 Easy transfer of music to iPods and MP3 players via a simple drag and drop function from a home computer

 Intuitive media navigation with many new features that allows users to browse by cover art, the era of the music, year of release and individual tracks

 A convenient PRESETS function that provides one-button instant themed playback with selected controllers

 The ability to record and play music in uncompressed WAV, MP3 and WMA formats

 An auto-record function for rapid loading of multiple CDs

 Audiophile sound quality using custom-engineered electronics

 Automatic access to an extensive on-line CD database

Manufactured in the UK, the Imerge S4000 can be rack mounted for centralised distribution. It is available through an international distributor network and backed by Prism Sound's renowned technical support team.

For more information about the Imerge S4000 please visit

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