Control4® Solutions Transform Eateries into High-Tech Hot Spots

Control4 brings customized automation solutions ranging from video walls to one-touch lighting control to three unique restaurants.

Salt Lake City, UT - May 30, 2012 - Control4, a leading innovator in residential and light commercial automation systems, demonstrates how restaurateurs are leveraging automation technology to provide a dining and nightlife experience unlike any other.

Savvy restaurant and bar owners are embracing automation technology solutions from Control4 to improve operating efficiencies, save energy, and gain competitive advantage in their markets by providing a better entertainment experience for their customers. In addition to making it easy to manage complex audio/video experiences, restaurant automation solutions can also be pre-set to turn lights on and off and change temperature based on time of day or standard activities, giving owners and managers the freedom to focus on other aspects of the business. With its customizable, accessible solutions, Control4 is providing restaurant owners with the power and freedom to actively monitor, manage, and control their venues through the touch of a button.

Michael Anthony's Restaurant

Creating a fine dining atmosphere demands managing a multitude of moving pieces. New Jersey restaurant owner Michael Ryan called upon Control4 integrators from Wanderlogic for an automation system that would set his restaurant apart from all others.

Wanderlogic installed a Control4® solution that uses media screens, timers, and custom buttons to simplify and automate everything, making it easy for Ryan and his staff to manage complex entertainment scenes. With a large banquet facility and boat-shaped bar that extends to an outside patio, the installation required Wanderlogic to account for specific design features. Opting for a mix of pendant mount speakers and indoor/outdoor speakers, Wanderlogic created an audio experience that ensured consistent sound levels and clarity throughout the establishment.

However, it may be the video wall that takes center stage: two indoor waterfalls are capped by a 12' screen, which receives images from a projector. The screen is surrounded by six 52" LG displays, which are all connected to a video matrix switch to show any of 16 video feeds. Utilizing a series of projectors and screens, the venue launched their "Bride and Groom Cam" which guarantees there's not a bad seat in the house during special occasions. With a truly personalized Control4 system, Michael Anthony's reputation for luxury and originality has made the venue legendary; drawing in patrons who are attracted to its high-class and high-tech atmosphere.

Chi'nnati's Pizza

When Don Laden, owner of the Cincinnati-based Chi'nnati's Pizza, approached Control4 integrator, Viewings AVA, about automating multiple systems in his restaurant it was clear that the system had to be easy to use and suitable for both the public and private areas of the eatery. Viewings AVA installed three Control4® controllers to manage the audio and video systems - 10 TVs are on a set program that works alongside the opening, closing and shift change schedules. The TVs can be preset to tune to one of three DirecTV receivers as well as manage video and handle the restaurant's audio system. Twenty-two open-ceiling and twelve in-ceiling speakers feed into the Control4® system and Control4® iPod Dock, allowing for continuous streaming music. Laden and his team can easily manage the entire system through any one of the three Control4® touch screens or through Laden's iPhone.

The Tilted Kilt

When Martin Bobak, owner of the Tilted Kilt in Illinois, wanted to make his restaurant an entertainment knockout, he contacted Control4 integrator Procom Enterprises to design an automation system that would add a high-energy, American twist to his traditional pub. Using Control4® products, Procom has given Tilted Kilt the flexibility to deliver superior, on-demand entertainment that entices guest to come back for more. Procom configured the system to manage all of the venue's audio and video through a remote control or Control4 touch screens. Both the owner and employees can easily manage the system and deliver an unparalleled viewing experience for Tilted Kilt customers.

The overall customer experience and atmosphere plays a significant role in the success of a bar or restaurant - people pay attention to the service, efficiency and culture. Not only can automation be affordable, but it can be that missing link that sets one restaurant apart from the dozens of others nearby. Through uniquely tailored automation systems restaurateurs are finding it possible to operate more efficiently, while providing patrons with a high-tech experience they won't soon forget.

We invite you to learn more about one or all of these projects and can offer interviews with the project integrator, venue owners, or with Control4.

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