Blue Aura Delivers Turnkey Premium Wireless and Wireless Ready Speaker Systems

Featuring the WS80i High Performance Digital to Analog Three-Zone Sound System - See Blue Aura Speakers at the CEA Line Show - Table 57

Chino, Calif. (May 30, 2012) Blue Aura is a manufacturer and marketer of high performance wireless sound systems and accessories. The company has announced its powerful, turnkey wireless and wireless ready speaker solutions and accessories for enjoying a room-filling sound experience are available now at Users can immerse themselves in high quality, plug and play sound from any digital source such as movies, music and games - right out of the box.

"Ever noticed how the sound at a concert just sounds better? I don't want to get too technical, but it's the analog sound source that creates a wider spectrum of sound than digital sound can offer. Blue Aura speaker systems offer a rich, digital to analog room-filling sound experience that makes every song, movie and game more immersive," commented Alex Chiou, president of Blue Aura North America.

Experience the WS80i
The high performance WS80i wireless system arrives with a digital to analog converter (DAC) that has been specifically designed to provide high quality audio and a wireless platform capable of delivering uncompressed CD quality audio to multiple receivers. The system also includes two active speakers, a transmitter and remote control, plus all necessary accessories to enable instant enjoyment of the new high performance sound system. Easy to install and use, it provides the freedom to use any sound source with a headphone socket, line out, or simply plug it to the USB jack on a PC or laptop and it's ready to go.

Systems are available in a luxurious black or white faux leather finish. Each active speaker features a 4.5" paper cone long linear excursion motor and a 1" soft dome ferro-fluid cooled tweeter. For multi-room requirements, add more Blue Aura wireless speakers to the network - there is no limit to the amount of speakers that can be used. Available now, the WS80i MSRP is $599.00.

Meet the WS30i
The WS30i is ideal for MP3, TV monitors, and of course smartphones, laptops and PCs. Alternatively, for an optimum listening position, place the WS30is on our custom designed Solo Stands. The speakers can be connected to any audio device with sound output or headphone out jack. The WS30i system also has wireless possibilities. With a built-in USB power supply, it is easy to play music wirelessly using the WSTxR. Dual sound inputs enable two sound sources to be connected at the same time, switchable by the multi-function remote control.

The high performance speakers are enclosed in a choice of black or white soft faux leather material with alternate color stitching. The system features two speakers, bespoke desk stands, multi-functional remote control, and all necessary connecting cables. Optional extras include wall brackets, floor stands, and the WSTxR transmitter kit, which enables the WS30i system to receive an audio signal from any source device wirelessly. The speakers consist of 3.5" paper dome low frequency drivers and ¾" soft dome tweeters. WS30i MSRP is $279.00.

Enhance the Sound Experience with Blue Aura Accessories
The WSTxR Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit is included in the WS80i and WS10 sound systems. The transmitter will send an audio signal from any source device with a headphone jack, RCA line out to the Blue Aura speakers fitted with a signal receiver. Simply connect the transmitter directly to a PC or MAC via the USB plug. The computer identifies the transmitter as a USB headset and sends music to the active speakers within an 80-foot range. The analog input also allows any stereo audio source to be fed via the transmitter to the wireless speakers.

About Blue Aura
Blue Aura is an audio innovator bringing the convenience of wireless technology to high performance interior sound systems. The company's design philosophy is to provide elegantly housed, premium wireless or wireless ready audio products that are easily scalable to suit any interior use. Blue Aura focuses on exceptional build quality while incorporating the latest wireless audio technology developments in electronics and manufacturing at a strong consumer value.

Blue Aura's high-performance wireless home sound systems are compelling to consumers seeking plug and play products that provide the freedom of three zones of selected premium sound from three sound sources simultaneously. Blue Aura sound systems are currently available for purchase at and on its North American website, or European website

North American headquarters are located in the Los Angeles vicinity. For information on switching to a high performance wireless sound system, visit or or email Follow Blue Aura on Facebook at

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